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Partick Station - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

View Partick Subway Station in a larger map The first thing you will notice at Partick Underground Station is how swish and swanky the place looks, although this is definitely helped by journeying there from Govan. In comparison, Govan Underground Station definitely looks like The Land That Time Forgot but when you step out of Partick Station, you realise you […]

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Ibrox Underground - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

Ibrox Underground View Ibrox Subway Station in a larger map Any pub that had the title of The Stadium waslikely to be situated close to a football ground and you won’t be surprised to hear that this stop-off is only a couple of minutes walk away from Rangers home ground, Ibrox Stadium. We’ve already hinted at the turmoil that has […]

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Cessnock Underground - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

Cessnock Underground View Cessnock Subway in a larger map The fantastically named Cessnock stop (pronounced with a soft C) on the Glasgow underground takes you out onto Paisley Road West and is the closest stop for attractions such as The Glasgow Science Centre, the Glasgow Tower and the BBC building. Nipping across the Bells bridge or the Squinty bridge will […]

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Kinning Park
Kinning Park Underground - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

Kinning Park Subway View Kinning Park Subway in a larger map Stepping out of the Kinning Park subway station, do not be surprised by the hum of the motorway as the stop overlooks the busy M8. If you feel like getting a closer look of the rushing cars, a flyover bridge allows access to the other side but we recommend […]

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Shields Road
Scotland Street School - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

Shields Road Underground For many years, happy Glasgow subcrawlers would traipse up to The Honours Three on St Andrews Drive for their Shields Road stop but that has changed with the pub now being an Italian restaurant. This means that The Stanley Bar is now the closest stop on the crawl. View Shields Road Subway in a larger map If […]

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West Street
The Lord Nelson Tradeston - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

West Street Underground View West Street Subway in a larger map The West Street stop on the Glasgow Subcrawl is the first one requiring a bit of a jaunt but in May 2010, it required a further walk for intrepid drinkers. This is because the pub that is synonymous with this stop on the crawl, The Lord Nelson, was closed […]

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Bridge Street
The Laurieston Bridge Street - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

Bridge Street Underground There was a spell when the Laurieston was the only game in town for Subcrawlers when The Glaswegian was closed down for numerous licensing issues. There is a new pub, which appears to cater for most of the former punters, in The Waterfront but The Laurieston has definitely moved ahead as the pub of choice for Subcrawlers. […]

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St Enoch
St Enoch Unerground - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

St Enoch Station There is no clearly defined or definite starting point for the Glasgow Subcrawl but the stop at St Enoch’s has tended to become the main place to congregate and start the day. Wherever you kick off is up to you and West Enders may prefer a Hillhead start but it’s with St Enoch’s we will begin. View […]

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