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Tony Clerkson Photography & Prints
Squinty Bridge at Dusk - River Clyde - © Tony Clerkson Photography

  There are many different things that make Glasgow great but near the top of that list would be the people and the buildings. We caught up with Tony Clerkson who specialises in capturing the buildings and the people of Glasgow and had a few words about what he was doing, what he likes about Glasgow how it has changed […]

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Bridge Street
The Laurieston Bridge Street - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

Bridge Street Underground There was a spell when the Laurieston was the only game in town for Subcrawlers when The Glaswegian was closed down for numerous licensing issues. There is a new pub, which appears to cater for most of the former punters, in The Waterfront but The Laurieston has definitely moved ahead as the pub of choice for Subcrawlers. […]

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