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Bevvy of Wee Beers in Glasgow
Drygate Brewing

Take a drink.

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Craft Beer Rising Weekend Rolls Around Again
Craft Beer Rising 2

Whether you had the Bank Holiday on Monday or not, I bet that you’re starting to dream about this weekend aren’t you? If you never had the break, seeing other people share their social media hangover posts or lazy day activities would have got you annoyed, leaving you with a hankering for some fun this weekend. If you did get […]

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Craft Beer Rising Returns To Glasgow
Craft Beer Rising - Drygate

It has been nearly a year since the last Craft Beer Rising event in Glasgow (we previewed the 2014 version here, and we popped along for a fine few hours on the Sunday afternoon) and if you were wondering if it was coming back, stop worrying as it will be with us once again in the first weekend of September. […]

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Craft Beer Rising Makes Your Plans For The Coming Weekend
Drygate Craft Beer Rising 22

Beer, music and food…what else do you need?

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Are We Raving About The Raven? Read On!
The Raven Glasgow

A new all-rounder hits Renfield Street in Glasgow

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Skye Is The Limit For Craft Beer Options
Isle of Skye

Being good Glasgow kids, we tend to think that any location north of Milton is for the watching but if there is one thing the rest of the country is pulling its weight with, it’s craft beer. Brewdog from Aberdeen and the Williams Bros. from Alloa have stolen a march on their rivals and a piece of our heart but […]

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