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Get Out In Glasgow On Wednesday Night
Supporting the Maryhill Food Bank

C’mon, it’s the Holidays…

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Priesty and Nitsy Christmas Truce 2011

The back seat of the 56 First Bus was about to witness a monumental occasion. If the driver was aware of what was about to happen, he’d surely have pulled over and unveiled a cavalcade of tooting horns to mark the occasion. For the first and most likely last time, a conversation was going to take place between Kendo Richards […]

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Fair Means Or Fowl?
Turkey Dinner in Dennistoun

Fair Means Or Fowl? In Greece, the sound of breaking plates can be seen as a joyous occasion, marking the end of a great meal or occasion or perhaps even seeing someone off into the next world with spirit and gusto. In Dennistoun, the sound of plates smashing off walls and floors is a sign of not such a happy […]

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Into the Valley

Into The Valley It was Christmas Eve and it seemed like the whole of Glasgow City Centre had an extra special buzz about it. Just like that warm tingle you get from a glass of wine or a whiskey before stepping out the door on a frosty night, there was excitement and a feeling that something special was about to […]

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A Glasgow Christmas Story
The Bells of George Square, Glasgow - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

It’ll Be Lonely This Christmas…

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