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Into the Valley

Into The Valley It was Christmas Eve and it seemed like the whole of Glasgow City Centre had an extra special buzz about it. Just like that warm tingle you get from a glass of wine or a whiskey before stepping out the door on a frosty night, there was excitement and a feeling that something special was about to […]

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A Glasgow Christmas Story
The Bells of George Square, Glasgow - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

It’ll Be Lonely This Christmas…

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Glasgow Is Still Game For Navid

Is the shopkeeper your favourite character?

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Hurricane Bawbag Blows The World Away
I Survived Hurricane Bawbag - © Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

A lot of hot air?

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Paul Cuddihy – The Hunted Q & A
Paul Cuddihy - "The Hunted" Book Launch - Waterstones, Glasgow

We never seem to get enough time to read books these days but occasionally we turn off the computer and relax with a book. Having enjoyed “Saints & Sinners” earlier in the year we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the “The Hunted” by Glasgow author Paul Cuddihy and it didn’t disappoint with another great story of love, God […]

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Glasgow Underground Turns 115
Glasgow Underground Map - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

Clocking up the years of the Clockwork Orange

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Glasgow TV comes alive

The Only Way Is Weegie

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Tony Clerkson Photography & Prints
Squinty Bridge at Dusk - River Clyde - © Tony Clerkson Photography

  There are many different things that make Glasgow great but near the top of that list would be the people and the buildings. We caught up with Tony Clerkson who specialises in capturing the buildings and the people of Glasgow and had a few words about what he was doing, what he likes about Glasgow how it has changed […]

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Calderpark Zoo
Calderpark Zoo Entrance - Photo by sega_Gary

Calderpark Zoo ( or Glasgow Zoo in it’s later days) Glasgow can be a bit wild at times but we are currently without a genuine zoo at the moment with Calderpark (Glasgow) Zoo being no more. If you fancied seeing some strange creatures and experience mammals outside of their natural habitat, you didn’t just have to wander about the town […]

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