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Glasgow Underground And Subcrawl Videos
Glasgow Underground Map - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

Get a feel for the Underground by watching this video, which should provide a good overview of what you will see when you ride on the Clockwork Orange: Okay, this is not strictly the subcrawl but it is still worth a watching. You will find that some of the distances between two subway stops are not that far (not quite […]

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Glasgow Underground Turns 115
Glasgow Underground Map - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

Clocking up the years of the Clockwork Orange

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Drinking the Clockwork Orange
The Glasgow SubCrawl - Drinking the Clockwork Orange - Get Around Glasgow Photos

The Glasgow SubCrawl It is not as if most Glaswegians need a reason to drink or to spend all day ducking in and out of pubs but sometimes it is nice to make sport out of our national past-time. There may not be gold medals at stake but the Glasgow subcrawl is a prestigious event that many people spend a […]

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Govan Undergound Station Heritage Plaque - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

View Govan Subway Station in a larger map The word Govan is known all over the world, with connotations of the former shipyards, the downturn in the region and its most famous son Rab C Nesbitt but Govan is about much more than that. It is…trust us. The Brechin Bar is the stop-off at Govan on the Glasgow Underground and […]

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Buchanan Street
Buchanan Street Underground - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

Buchanan Street Underground Station Exiting Buchanan Street Station at the top entrance, looking up you will see The Royal Concert Hall with its big TV screen looking down upon Donald Dewar. If you turn your head to the left, it used to be that you would find The Gallery, a pub you may recall as The Dow Jones or The […]

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Macintoshs Bar, Cowcaddens - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

Cowcaddens Underground Station Like a fair few stops on the Glasgow Underground Subcrawl, there is a choice of bars and where you end up will likely depend on how you exit the station. View Cowcaddens Subway Station in a larger map Mackintosh’s is on Cambridge Street heading up Sauchiehall Street and the outside of the pub is a fine mixture […]

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St Georges Cross

There have been a number of changes on the Subcrawl which has led to changes and diversions in the plans for Subcrawlers. For quite a while, the Liquid Ship, The Captains Rest and Wintergills have all been excellent choice for punters stopping off at St Georges Cross. View St Georges Cross Subway in a larger map This is no longer […]

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The Doublet, Woodlands - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

Kelvinbridge Underground View Kelvinbridge Subway Station in a larger map If you are looking for a bit of Scottish culture, the stop at Kelvinbridge provides a fascinating insight into the lyrics of that famous Scottish song, ‘The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond’ Everyone knows this one….”If you take the high road…and I’ll take the low road” but not too many […]

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Hillhead Underground View Hillhead Subway Station in a larger map Ahh, Hillhead on Byres Road, slap bang in the cultural melting pot of Glasgow’s West End, where the great and the good come to congregate and debate in the shadows of the cities oldest University. This is another stop that has seen some changes and Curlers, the main bar associated […]

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Kelvinhall Underground View Kelvinhall Subway Station in a larger map In the words of the classic school song, “Hitler has only got one ball, the other…is in the Kelvin Hall” and if you have the time, why not get off at this stop and head East to the Kelvin Hall where you can see the remains of Hitlers testicle proudly […]

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