Is the shopkeeper your favourite character?

One of the secrets of Still Game’s success was in the way that the additional characters would often have the best lines. Even with writers Greg Hemphill and Forbes Kieran taking two the two lead roles in the show, a great deal of the fun and laughter came from the rest of the cast.

We’ve all got out our own favourites from the show, some of which may include:

Bobby, the mulleted barman who always finds his attempts at a one-liner failing and then rebounding on him
Winston, never short of a snappy retort, a lover of the gee gees and someone that Isa may have considered to be a friend with benefits…although after losing his leg, he was a friend on benefits.
Eric, an understated character but often the glue that held stories and plot-twists

However you get the feeling there is an awful lot of love for Navid Harrid, the owner of Craiglang’s corner shop. You can’t survive in that area without becoming a bit wide and Navid is capable of delivering the Glasgow patois with the best of them. With long-suffering wife Meena in the background of the shop, putting up with Isa’s gossiping and meddling should be enough to drive anyone mad but Navid just about keeps on top of it all!

Some of the edits may not be exactly spot on but this 10 minute video clip of some of Navid’s best moments will probably contain some of your favourite Still Game moments:

Highlights for us include:
His dancing
His “daeing it for the pie” jibing of Winston
The interaction with the struggling young mum who always finds fault in Navid’s products!

Navids, Craiglang - © Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

Navids, Craiglang - © Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

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The fall-out between Ford and Greg has been well stated and unless a thaw in that relationship changes, it is unlikely there will be anymore episodes of Still Game to enjoy. The BBC would love to get their hands on more episodes as their happiness in showing repeated episodes at the moment indicates but for now, that appears to be a long way off.

However, as with most good causes, there is a Facebook page to voice your opinion about getting the show back together:

Facebook: Bring Back Still Game