Partick Thistle FC

Capacity: 10,921

Many people like to pose Partick Thistle as the cuddly and lovable alternative to football in Glasgow, providing relief from the nonsense that can overshadow Celtic and Rangers. The thing is, it just means Thistle fans actually hate everyone and should be classed as worse people! Ha…only kidding all you Harry Wraggs – a set of fans who hold the middle ground so well they encapsulate Glasgow life as much as anything else you will find in the city.

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First thing first, if you are looking for the home of Partick Thistle, do not be tempted to head to the area of Partick in the West End of the city. This may have been the original home of the club but since 1909, the club have been located in the Maryhill area of Glasgow. This is still close to the West End of the city but slightly more North than what you would normally associate with that region.
The club’s Main Stand was constructed in 1927 but is sadly very rarely used these days. On certain occasions, the Stand is utilised but usually, fans are held within the Jackie Husband and North Stand of the stadium.

Firhill Arena, Maryhill home of Partick Thistle - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

Firhill Arena, Maryhill home of Partick Thistle - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

Like most clubs, Partick Thistle had to react to the Taylor Report with a switch to an all-seater stadium, a move which caused the club great financial difficulty. The Jackie Husband, named after an ex Thistle great, runs opposite the Main Stand and is the home of home fans on match days.
Away fans populate the North Stand, behind the goal, a stand that was built after selling off some of the land around the ground for student accommodation.

The highest attendance for a match at Firhill is 55,000, which was for an international match between Scotland and Ireland in the 1920s. This level of attendance would be impossible in all but one of Scotland’s football stadia these days, which probably tells you a lot about the changing nature of football grounds. There is no doubt that Firhill has been transformed in the past two decades and whilst the ground has lost a lot of its charm, the football club continues to baffle and delight on almost equal measures.

Supposedly Firhill, or the Firhill Arena as it bizarrely called plays host to some form of tiddlywinks or egg chasing team called the Glasgow Warriors but we don’t know too much about that…and that’s the way we intend to keep it. It may provide a financial boost to the club but like many things done with a financial motive in mind, we don’t have to agree with them.