A lot of hot air?

It has now been a week since Hurricane Bawbag blew into our world and caused a fair bit of havoc. It was interesting to see the reaction of people with some folk champing at the bit to get out of work and return home for safety whereas others were happier to poke fun at those getting into a bit of a panic. Thursday the 8th of December saw every facet of Scottish personality coming to the fore and as you would expect, humour was one of them.

The term #HurricaneBawbag was making its way around Twitter and a phenomenon was born that once again showed off the gallus nature of Scotland to the world. This time though, it was a fun and humorous take on the Scottish attitude and psyche and not the limp joke that was John Smeaton. The use of the term Bawbag indicated that people were not going to cower and wimper to this hurricane and in the end, there was only going to be one winner.

However, it was the media coverage that helped to keep the excitement rolling:

The STV website was first on the scene with their reporting and not for the first time, they brought a bawbag to the masses:

STV Website on Hurricane Bawbag

Next up was the Guardian in their live blog of the weather with journalist Audrey Gillan and her use of Twitter being name-checked in the report:

The Guardian on Hurricane Bawbag

The Huffington Post also got involved as did the Irish site Joe

From here it was blog crazy as everyone wanted their say on Hurricane Bawbag, some notable blogs can be found below:

Lesley Rodgers focused on the social media network side as did The Drum who are never slow to jump on a bandwagon.

Fiona McCann pulled together a lot of different elements in her blog to tell the story, writer Colin Galbraith enjoyed the humour aspect and the Kingdom of Style site focused on the fashion element.

One small element of the Hurricane Bawbag event was the t-shirts and we had them in store before midday on the Thursday. Opportunism….crass commercialism….a bit of fun…yeah, all of they things but we hope they added to the excitement and one-off nature of the day!

I Survived Hurricane Bawbag - © Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

I Survived Hurricane Bawbag - © Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

The Daily Record seemed to enjoy the idea of a t-shirt as they limped into the market a few days later with their poor version which had the importance of the hurricane relegated to below the importance of the tabloid newspaper with ever-decreasing sales. Still, promoting their t-shirt with a picture of Jim Davidson wearing one certainly brought a laugh or two and if there was ever a person you felt a bit sad about surviving a hurricane, it would have that been that unfunny racist.

Also, a trampoline became the latest internet phenomenon but by the Friday, things were starting to get back to normal and most people were wondering what all of the fuss was about. In retrospect, the authorities were always right to warn and advise people as much as they could and over-action is probably better than under-action. So we had all survived the Hurricane Bawbag but with threats of strong winds for the end of this week as well, could we be set for another storm being whipped up?

If you follow the naming conventions of hurricanes, you will know that they run in alphabetical order and C follows B….any suggestions for the next hurricane name? And yes, the obvious sweary one (with the obligatory Glasgow “O” at the end of it) has already been banded about…let’s see if Radio 4 mention that on air!