Everybody knows that Glasgow is a great city for music with it’s world famous music venues, bands and renowned atmosphere that has bands and artists from around the world hailing the cities patrons. The city was also named a UNESCO City of Music in 2008 and is home to bands who are known throughout the world.

The city has a very vibrant independent scene with countless venues throughout the City Centre and West End but for every Belle & Sebastian, Mogwai & Franz Ferdinand there are another 100 or so great bands who maybe don’t have the same acclaim or fan bases but are creating innovative music that really should be heard by a wider audience than just the confines of King Tuts, Stereo & The Captain’s Rest.

Trying to help these relatively unknown bands and artisits are Touch Sensitive a new independent project run by music fans from Glasgow that hopes to promote Scottish artists overseas and in return help overseas artists be exposed to a Scottish audience.

Touch Sensitive an independent project run by music fans from Glasgow

Touch Sensitive an independent project run by music fans from Glasgow

The project is still in it’s early days but they are hoping to stage live events in Scotland and Spain in 2012. The founder members of Touch Sensitive already have many links with Spanish bands having lived in Seville for a while and have also previously worked for many years in the Scottish independent music scene.


Even though the benefits of the work carried out by Touch Sensitive are fairly obvious if you are in a band or the music industry either here or in Spain, the average music fan can reap the rewards as well. Well, maybe not the average music fan if the charts are anything to go by…you know what we mean.

There is a rather neat collection of Scottish and Spanish bands on the site and more importantly, there are links to check out the music of the artists. If you have some time on your hands, get trawling through and see if you can uncover a new gem or two. There are instantly recognisable names like King Creosote, Zoey Van Gooey and RM Hubbert but there are other up and coming Scottish acts to dig out.

There are some really interesting sounding bands like Mondegreen and If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home By Now but forgive us for highlighting The Young Spooks. They may reside in that far-off strange land called Edinburgh but they are no stranger to Glasgow and they’re always likely to put on a show that you’ll remember.

However, don’t think that this is just a one-way exchange and it has been interesting to catch up with what is happening on the indie or underground Spanish music scene. An example of the sound of young Spain can be found below with Chiquita y Chatarra but plenty more gems can be uncovered on site.

Anyways, Touch Sensitive definitely get our seal of approval and we would recommend you to see what they have to offer – contact details can be found below.

Website: www.touchsensitive.org.uk

Twitter: Follow Here

Facebook: Like Us Here

Touch Sensitive an independent project run by music fans from Glasgow

Touch Sensitive an independent project run by music fans from Glasgow