National Poetry Day in Glasgow

With all apologies to John Cooper Clarke….

Evidently Dennistoun

Her bloody mum is bloody old
her bloody chips served bloody cold
bloody bingo every night
and Friday sees a bloody fight
scared to make a bloody sound
so we moved to bloody Dennistoun

Those bloody hipsters everywhere
with bloody top knots in their hair
bloody burgers by the ton
bloody sweetened brioche buns
craft bloody beers in pints and cans
the bloody stench of artisans
those bloody students swarm around
its bloody life in Dennistoun

Duke Streets all a bloody myth
the bloody place still smells of piss
I hate that bloody neighbours cat
I hate the neighbour, bloody twat
the bloody pubs are filled with wanks
theres bloody queues at the foodbanks
this bloody life that drags me down
life in bloody Dennistoun

Cracked bloody wood on window sills
Cash only signs on bloody tills
Jingle crash as money drops
in nail bars and bloody ice cream shops
bloody things you never need
but we bloody buy through bloody greed
never knew whats to be found
with life in bloody Dennistoun

Sick and tired of bloody life
and bloody sick of bloody wife
where’s it all gone bloody wrong?
we should’ve moved to bloody Shettleston
but I ask you where’s the bloody line?
its before you bloody reach Carntyne

Interstellar Onslow Drive - © Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

Interstellar Onslow Drive – © Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

And it’s only fair we leave you with the inspiration for this National Poetry Day chat…