It’s September…it’s the weekend…but it’s not the September weekend, so get yourself along to The Barras for the most fun you can have while still expecting change of a tenner. It’s going to be another cracking weekend at the Barras and we’re back with our rundown of the best deals, offers and things to look out for.

Deal of the week

£5 off all Pissy Miyake products

Lads! Lads! Lads! We all know you’ve done something to annoy your girlfriend (or even your mum) of late…and if you haven’t, well, it’s just around the corner. You could cut out the bad behaviour but where’s the fun in that?

There’s none…so keep doing what you’re doing but prepare yourself with an excellent apology gift. Your lady will love the sweet smell from the genuine authentic Pissy Miyake range, so if you need to get out of the dog house and back into the good books, we’ve got you covered with £5 off the entire range.

Barrowland Ballroom The Calton Glasgow - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

Barrowland Ballroom The Calton Glasgow – © Get Around Glasgow Photos


Plenty of meat. What type of meat? Ach, don’t ask, don’t tell…it’s going cheap (in fact, some of it did go cheep back in the day) but when you’ve got hungry mouths to feed, you need affordable and tasty meat to meet your needs.

Bulk discounts on offer to caterers and takeaways/restaurants – just give wee Jackie a heads up and he’ll sort you out.

Strictly Barrowlands - © Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

Strictly Barrowlands – © Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

It’s The Vinyl Countdown!!!

There’s still a lot of love for lps and old record and you’ll be glad to know that the Vinyl Countdown team are adding to their stock on a daily basis. All original, all classic, all legitimate*.

*Mostly legitimate…well, partly legitimate..look…you can got to Fopp and pay £15 for a Blondie record or you could get it from us for a fiver…and who knows what else you’ll find inside the sleeve, we don’t check…so you could win a watch, some blow or even another record. Step up and join the fun with the mystery selection at The Vinyl Countdown.

Keep checking back because let’s face it, people keep on dying and middle-aged men keep getting divorced, so we’re always picking up stock at short notice. Also if you’ve got any requests…keep them to yourself, we’re not DJs. Well, apart from big Al “Freak-Ya” Bambassa, he’s still spinning on Thursday night at Framptons, slip him a fiver and he’ll give you and your special lady a shout-out. Ach…forget that earlier remark, we do take requests, if you’re looking for any particular albums, give us a shout and we’ll see what the young team can get their hands on.

Bobby’s Betmax Barn – Now Incorporating Larry’s Lazer Disks & DVDs

Due to technical difficulties, the David Brent: Life On The Road DVD is not yet available. Pre-orders will be processed as soon as we get the chance.

On an unrelated note, if anyone comes across Cheryl’s Cineworld card can they please let us know. No questions asked.

Capitalism Stencil on the Millennium Bridge - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

Capitalism Stencil on the Millennium Bridge – © Get Around Glasgow Photos

Jenny’s Tea Urn

Roll and sausage + cup of tea £2.00.

Granola bars – Fuck off…we’ve got Penguins – just ask for/to avoid the Blue/Green wrappers depending on your footballing persuasion.

Big Boy Breakfast – Sadly we’ve been advised to no longer sell this breakfast meal deal offer due to the entire team at Cludgie Cleaners of Carntyne falling ill on the job. In better news, they gave themselves a months worth of work at one client’s house alone so we’re happy to help boys!

Chips – £1.50 Breakfast chips – £1.65 Breakfast chips and chips – £2.00.

AND ON TOP OF ALL THAT…..Will you win the win the special discount card available for use at all inside stalls?

Just guess the word of day when paying for your items and you may be the lucky winner.

Congratulations to the McGlinchey family from Cessnock who correctly guessed that last weekend’s word of the day was “avocado” – we look forward to welcoming them back soon.

That’s all for this week but get yourself down to The Barras and who know what you’ll be taking home with you.