Fat for life…fit for days

It used to be that running for a bus or sweating over the Football Pools was the most exercise a Glaswegian would get but that has all changed these days. The city is cramming in as many gyms as they can and that says nothing about the health conscious people who are pounding the streets. If you live near or head by parks like Bellahouston or Victoria, parklife can get you down with the endless run of joggers going round and round.

So Glasgow is taking health more seriously, and that’s a good thing. There’s still plenty of folk out there who aren’t doing enough exercise though, and these are the people that should be focused on. The fitness nuts and people that genuinely care about their looks or health have already been won over, forget them, they can handle themselves from here on in.

It’s the lazy gits that need a helping hand. Pokemon Go may have got a good few folk out of their armchairs in an evening but for the rest of us, it’s going to take a bit more persuading. Which is why news that the Boozy 10K has been stuck way out in Stirlingshire is a disappointment. Mind you, the promise of a cheeky wine as I haul my carcass around a big park isn’t likely to be enough…a few gallons of craft beer would be more appropriate.

The promoters of that event seem to be set to bounce back and next time, they’re ditching the booze and they’re coming back with pies! This is definitely the sort of thing we can get on board with. What better way to celebrate getting yourself into shape and helping your heart than by smothering it in cholesterol and grease? That’s what keeps the body lubricated for a hard day at the office and if greasy pastries were so bad for you, would they be so closely aligned with the sporting world?

If the thought of running and cycling is too much for you, there are still ways to have fun in and around the parks of Glasgow. Okay, these usually involve illicit drinking and spending time with your friends slagging off other friends that couldn’t make it along or other people in the park who are just out of earshot…but there is one park attraction that Glasgow is losing.

The Burrell Collection in Pollok Park is closing down for renovation. There hasn’t been too much said about where the burrells will be stored now but given that they’ve acclimatised to south side life, it would be unfair to move them out of their natural habitat. There’s plenty of wildlife in the north of Glasgow but that’s definitely not the sort of environment you want to expose the burrells too, it could warp their view on humanity. The West-Enders would never welcome a collection of burrells en masse; they’d just sneer down their nose and make a snooty remark about how Bearsden is going to the dogs.

So with that in mind, keeping the burrells in Queens Park or Bellahouston Park seems to be the best option. They’ll remain in the south of the city and there’ll be plenty of space for them to roam and wander…as long as those joggers stay in their own lane.

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