It’s always winter in some parts of Glasgow

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m going deaf or maybe it’s the fact that my heart and veins are getting so clogged and fuzzy these days…but so much of modern music, at all levels, is leaving me bored and even close to tears at times. Okay, the close to tears aspect is probably more related to facing up to the passing of time and deterioration of health but aren’t you just sick of the dull and boring bed-wetters who have nothing to say but who still take an eternity to spill their guts and lack of soul all over the stage or your digital download platform?

Unless there’s a bit of energy, oomph and drive to music, I’m finding myself becoming less and less interested in what is on offer. This would be a concern but thankfully there appears to be just enough pulsating and uplifting music to keep you coming back for more. In recent weeks, Glasgow has benefitted from the appearance of Minor Victories and Man of Moon; two astounding acts that make music that drag you along on a journey. (And what about Blood Orange by The Van T’s as well? Aye, we’re still in decent enough shape when it comes to new music that actually matters.)

If you want to feel enthused about music, those acts are a brilliant start, and if you need another, how about Campfires In Winter? We’ve been big fans of the group for quite a while, they’re good lads and they’re now on a musical home that takes music as seriously as it deserves to be taken, Olive Grove Records.

Listen to the first forty-five seconds of Kopfkino and you’ll be as convinced it originated from Dusseldorf in the 1970s as much as it did from Glasgow in 2016. Okay, as soon as the vocals kick in, you’re jolted back homewards, a bit, but it’s still a soaring melody, perfectly suited to the energy rush you feel as the song washes over you.

You know those times when The Phantom Band* kick into a motorik style, this song would be at ease with those times, in fact it would be up there with the best moments. This sort of music is great to listen to at home or when you are pounding the pavements trying to alleviate some of the health concerns I initially rambled on about but in reality, this sort of sound takes on a different dimension in the live arena.


And luckily for you, Campfires In Winter are in action in Glasgow on Thursday night at the Hug and Pint. If you time your evening properly, you can get to see England and Wales batter lumps out of each other (hopefully just on the park) and then you get to see the very best in new Scottish music. Who needs international football tournaments when you have live music that will kick-start your heart and set your pulse racing quicker than an Italian counter-attack after easily absorbing 45 minutes of over-elaborate Belgian tomfoolery?

Support comes from Jutland Songs and it seems to be £7 (and no doubt whatever applicable fees or taxes are stuck on top of that) to get in. You’d only waste that money if it used for anything else before the weekend so you may as well just pop along to the Hug & Pint on Thursday night.

(*Note – The Phantom Band being the Scottish one, not Phantom Band featuring Jaki Liebezeit, but either would be a good shout to stick on next.)

And given that we mentioned it earlier, here is Blood Orange by The Van T’s: