Whether you had the Bank Holiday on Monday or not, I bet that you’re starting to dream about this weekend aren’t you? If you never had the break, seeing other people share their social media hangover posts or lazy day activities would have got you annoyed, leaving you with a hankering for some fun this weekend. If you did get the break, you’ll be creaking through Tuesday after the extended weekend and this weekend will feel as though it won’t come quick enough.

Okay, that suggests that everyone is looking forward to the weekend, which is the case for every weekend, but this weekend, is a little bit different. If you are into your football, it is a massive weekend for the Scottish national team, and it is another long weekend in store. The national team plays in Georgia at 5pm (our time) and then on Monday, we welcome the world champions to Hampden Park.

Craft Beer Rising 2015

That is pretty exciting and depending on the score on Friday, you may want to celebrate or commiserate and if you do, the Craft Beer Rising Festival at the Drygate is likely to be the ideal place to be. There is a Friday night session from 6pm to 1am and there are two sessions on the Saturday, from 11am to 5.30pm and then from 6pm to 1am.

You’ll find that there is plenty on offer at the event, so let’s look at some of the headline highlights:

• You can try up to 150 craft beers (you probably shouldnt though….err, you can choose from 150 craft beers)
• There will 30 local and international brewers involved with the event
• The headline music acts are: DJ Food on Friday and a Friendly Fires DJ set on Saturday
• There will be plenty of Scottish street food on offer

Right, there are plenty of Scottish streets where I wouldn’t be thinking about food but it does look as though there are some tasty treats lined up, including Scottish cheeses, smoked salmon salads, curry, artisan sausage rolls and plenty of burger offerings.

Some of the leading Scottish brewers involved with the event include Williams Bros, Harviestoun, Stewart’s Brewing, West and Drygate. There’ll also be plenty of other big names and most importantly, having attended this event last year, and some other craft beer events, there has always been a decent atmosphere.

Clearly alcohol will have an impact on that, but speaking to the people behind the stalls is a big plus point for this sort of event. Yes, there is more and more good pubs/off-licences in Glasgow offering craft beer options and there are plenty of barstaff/shop staff who can give you insight and information about what beers to try. However, having the chance to speak to the people with a genuine passion and understanding for the drinks that they make is of benefit and if you tell them about what you like or what you fancy trying, they will usually be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

And if you think that is boring and you just want to try whatever catches your eye, you can do this as well.

Craft Beer Rising 2

There are three different sessions taking place. The Saturday daytime session allows minors if they are accompanied by an adult by the evening sessions are strictly over 18 events. Further information about the sessions is as follows:

• Friday 4th September 2015: 6pm – 1am, tickets £12
• Saturday 5th September 2015: 11am – 5.30pm, tickets £12
• Saturday 5th September 2015: 6pm – 1am, tickets £12

Drygate is just a 10 minute (or so) walk from George Square and the address is: 85 Drygate, Glasgow, G4 0UT

Tickets can be picked up from www.craftbeerrising.co.uk