It has been nearly a year since the last Craft Beer Rising event in Glasgow (we previewed the 2014 version here, and we popped along for a fine few hours on the Sunday afternoon) and if you were wondering if it was coming back, stop worrying as it will be with us once again in the first weekend of September.

There’s been an awful lot written and said about craft beer, but if you want to find out about it, the best way to do so is by drinking. Far be it from me to suggest that this is the best solution for any quandary you have in life, but it’s definitely a way to move forward when it comes to craft beer.

Here is a video clip from the 2014 event:

These events live or die by the names involved and the quality of their products. The fact that 30 breweries, both local and international, are attending means that there should be something for everyone and there will be up to 150 different beers on offer. Don’t try and drink them all, that would just be silly.

Check out the big names that will be in attendance

If you are looking for some of the names involved, you can check out Drygate, Belhaven, Wooha, Oakham Ales, Stewart Brewing, WEST, Innis & Gunn, Harviestoun and William Bros. This style of event is ideal if you want to try these breweries and their wide range of drinks, but never really know where to get started. We’ve been at a couple of these events and we find that the vast majority of people representing the breweries are really helpful and happy to give guidance and advice on what is on offer.

This is an ideal situation to ask questions about these drinks and you will be speaking to the people who know the most about these products. If you have been swithering about jumping into this “craft beer revolution”, now is the perfect chance to do so.

Plenty of top quality Scottish scran on offer too

You also need plenty of scran at an event like this and there is going to be a Scottish street food service including cheeses, smoked salmon salads and seaweed soups. That sounds a little bit adventurous to me but again, it is going to be the ideal opportunity to try different things and see if it is for you. There will be plenty of advice on food and drink pairing so if you are looking to create the best taste sensation of the autumn, this is the place for you.

Craft Beer Rising

You may not be aware of it but 2015 is supposedly the Year of Food and Drink in Scotland, with a campaign underway to promote awareness of the brilliant range of food and drink on offer in Scotland. If you get yourself along to Craft Beer Rising, you can tick all of the boxes.

If you are the sort of person that likes to plan ahead, on Friday the 4th of September, the opening evening of the beer festival, Scotland will be playing a crucial World Cup qualifying match away in Georgia, with the game having a 5pm kick-off. Now, given that the opening time of the Craft Beer Rising event on Friday the 4th of September is at 6pm, you’ll be able to watch the full game, make your way to the festival and then enjoy the rest of the evening. If Gordon Strachan and the boys can continue their good form, it has all the makings of a brilliant night. However, if it is a depressing and rainy night in Georgia (yes, we know it is a different Georgia), you have the perfect place to come and blow your sorrows away. Before too long, you will be having a great time!

The full opening hours for the event are:

• Friday 4th September 2015: 6pm – 1am, tickets £12
• Saturday 5th September 2015: 11am – 5.30pm, tickets £12
• Saturday 5th September 2015: 6pm – 1am, tickets £12

If you want to snap up a ticket, they can be bought from the Craft Beer Rising website.

As there is drink involved, there are legal restrictions that probably go without saying but there is no harm in repeating them. The evening sessions on Friday and Saturday night are just for people aged 18 and over but the Saturday daytime session is open to minors if they are accompanied by an adult. Which means you can raid your kids’ piggy bank and have a day out on them…

There is also a trade session to get the weekend started, on Friday 4th September 2015 from 11am – 5.30pm. In case you need reminding where Drygate is, here is the address: 85 Drygate, Glasgow, G4 0UT

Craft Beer Rising - Drygate