Glasgow loves its country music

You often hear a lot of people talk about guilty pleasures. You know the drill, it’s something a bit naff that you think you’ll take a slagging for liking, but you decide to like it anyway. At Get Around Glasgow, we don’t hold with the concept of guilty pleasures – if you like something, you like it, and you should have the courage of your convictions to say so and to hell with whatever people think.

This is why some of our team are more than happy to say that we’re big fans of the US TV show Nashville. It’s not a show that has 100% backing from the team – teeth rottingly sweet and ridiculously over the top was one of the nicer criticisms placed on the show, but as I’m the one typing this – to hell with that viewpoint, it’s an excellent show.

What else do you want from a TV show?

Yes, it is a ridiculous soap opera featuring absolute escapism but the fact that it manages to do so with a range of tremendous songs makes it more than good enough for me. Country music, ridiculous behaviour, great melodies, ludicrous plotlines, pretty blondes and redheads…if it threw in some football (well, they call it soccer over there) and a bit of Krautrock, it would tick all of my boxes.

So on that note, it’s good that the third series of the show arrives on E4 this Wednesday night from 10pm. If you have been getting withdrawal symptoms and you never cracked to watching the third series on the internets, you can settle back and catch up with everything that has been going on.

Music from the show hits Glasgow on Thursday
However, more importantly, and given this is a Glasgow based site, we’re delighted to hear that there is a Nashville tribute band called Glasville playing in The Admiral Bar on Thursday night. Even if the show is a bit too much for you, there are plenty of excellent songs to listen out for and the band promises to cover a wide selection of the artists on the show.

Given that there is just one female vocalist in the group, the performance of ‘Wrong Song’ looks set to be a bit monumental…if not potentially dangerous for the singer’s health!

For £4, and with support from Acoustic Butterfly, you’re going to get your monies worth and what better way to follow up the excitement from having the show back on UK TV the night before!