Boom then bust for Glaswegians!

In what has become an annual act of kidding yerself on, thousands of Glaswegians have declared that they are aff it. A combination of a splitting hangover caused by umpteen Jagerbombs and the realisation of how much they drinks cost would have been enough to make many of the citizens of the city to decide that giving the sauce a rest for a while would be the best course of action.

Of course, the notion of the 1st of January being a day for a clean slate and making improvements to your wretched existence also gives people plenty of encouragement to step away from the booze and convince themselves that two weeks of water is just what their body needs to sort it out after years of neglect.

Those in the pub trade are now bunkering down for a slow month, hopeful that the increased income they generated from the shambolic hi-jinks of the festive period will be enough to keep them in business until Glaswegians give themselves a shake and decide that a fly pint or glass of wine is hardly the worst of their vices.

Here is the lovely State Broadcasters singing about New Year’s Day – enjoy!

Meanwhile, gym owners and personal trainers are rubbing their hands with glee at the influx of money they will be seeing in the next few weeks. As the media bombards us with get fit fatty messages, the traditional rush to sign up for expensive fitness plans of treatments that won’t get used is on.

Ironically, this will be the fastest some of us will move throughout the year…and it is a shame that we can’t find the same energy or motivation to cancel that bloody gym direct debit before we’ve actually shelled out enough money to have paid for surgery to reconstruct our bodies…or to give to all of our friends as a bribe to make them tell us we genuinely look good. It is definitely the time of year when we work on losing £’s…sadly many of us are not as effective as shifting the lbs!

The River Clyde on a Winter Night - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

The River Clyde on a Winter Night – © Get Around Glasgow Photos

It’s a day that promises change even if in reality, it doesn’t offer much difference to any other day. Still, hope is all we need to start making moves in the right direction so even if deep down you think that the whole New Year malarkey is a bit rubbish…at least give something new a try.

Have a good 2015 Glasgow…make of it what you will.