Opera is like something you would put into a bin. Rubbish – So go see comedy instead

Even though Rab Florence and Iain Connell have more than enough on their plates (well maybe not Rab, have you seen the amount of weight that guy has lost in recent years? Phenomenal stuff, clearly some assistance from the Illuminati there for Rab but when you have mates in high places, why not exploit them), ever since Burnistoun finished its TV run, there has been clamour for a live show or two based on the characters from the fictional town and popular TV show.

“Wee chocolate bananas”
This was even before Still Game block booked the Hydro, but after that success, it seemed that the only thing standing in the way of a live show was the duo’s other activities. Rab and Iain have given us The Sunny, Rab’s horror film The House of Him has been getting rave reviews and Iain has found the time to drop some bangerz on Soundcloud! They’ve been busy lads, especially on Twitter, but thankfully, they’ve announced a Burnistoun: Live and For Real! Show as part of the Glasgow International Comedy Festival.

The show will be in the Kings on Wednesday the 25th of March and tickets go on sale this Friday, the 19th of December, at 10am.

“Cannae swear on a grave that’s no’ been dug yet. He might get cremated”
Without having any knowledge of what the show will be like, you know that it’s going to feature some of the best characters from the show. You would think it would be a safe bet to say that Jolly Boy John will be appearing (the for real part of the title surely gives that away), but who else would you want to see as part of the show?

“That wee dug’s escaped”
The quality polis have to be in there and even though Rab is looking rather svelte these days, hopefully there will still be a chance for Biscuity Boyle, Burinstoun’s favourite son to be in attendance. Throw in the Burnistoun butcher, the two pals who have a love/hate relationship and Alex Ciderson, there are more than enough regular characters to wheel out. Of course, we were told that Paul and Walter from the ice cream van had died, but maybe the live show will see them getting another airing.

Free The Burnistoun Two

Free The Burnistoun Two

Whether health and safety regulations will prevent Jump Style kicking off in the Kings remains to be seen, but no matter what is on offer, it’s likely to be a big hit, and hopefully there’ll be a live recording to give the lads DVD sales as well.

“You’re a hamster”
Of course, Burnistoun isn’t just about the main two; the show was a big success thanks to the work of Louise Stewart, Kirsty Strain, Rik Rankin, Iain Davidson, Gerry McLaughlin and loads more folk. Hopefully the live show will feature plenty familiar faces and maybe even a few surprises.