C’mon, it’s the Holidays…

So you’ve already mentally downed tools and packed up for the festive period haven’t you? Okay, you’ve still got presents to buy and plenty to do with respect to food and setting the scene but as for work and the general stuff in life, that has all been bagged-up, waiting to be dealt with in 2015.
Good stuff, were’ not far off that feeling as well.

Which is why it is great news that there are plenty of great music events to focus on in the next couple of days. If you usually avoid the idea of drinking on a school night, this Wednesday will surely provide you with the ideal opportunity to get out of the house and into the groove.

We’re definitely heading along to the Campfires In Winter Christmas party, taking place at Sloan’s. The band has had an interesting yet slightly quiet year but 2015 is looking like it’s going to be a big one. There is nothing definite but there are high hopes about a debut album seeing the light of day in the year ahead. Seeing the band play in the stunning ballroom at this old institution would be a good enough excuse to brave whatever weather Wednesday throws at us, but there is a lot more in store.

Friends In America are on the bill and The Twilight Sad are offering up a DJ set if you cannot wait until Friday, or you have missed out on tickets for that gig. That’s enough reason to pop along but Deathcats are also on bill and after having played more farewell shows than Frank Sinatra of late, this looks set to be the final final gig the band plays…for now at least. Confused? Well, the band is said to be going on hiatus to actually enjoy life and take care of some other things, so who knows if or when there will be a chance to see them again. Having caught the band twice this year, they are definitely worth seeing and their presence makes the Campfires night an unmissable one.

If you are looking for an alternative option, or you are the sort of person that wants to double up your events, you should also check out the Milk event at Flat 0/1. The perils of schoolnight drinking means that the Get Around Glasgow team haven’t partaken in the Milk nights as much as we would like but when we have, they’ve always been chaotically enjoyable.

Supporting the Maryhill Food Bank

Supporting the Maryhill Food Bank

This Wednesday appears to be no different, and even more importantly, it is a charity night with all proceeds going to the Maryhill Food Bank. This means you can get plastered on White Russians or Mad Dog and if anyone dares to pull you up for it, you can say that you are actually doing your bit for a great cause.

On the bill are Tommy Reilly, The Wild Curve and Sharptooth, there’ll be drinks promos, DJs and the usual sort of shenanigans that has helped to make this event a guaranteed event for so many punters over the course of the year. If you’ve been missing out, this may well be the best opportunity for you to see what the fuss is about.

Right, that is Wednesday sorted out…there’s plenty of options for the rest of the week, including a clash of events on Saturday, but we’ll worry about that nearer the time.