A round of applause for a round of apples

The origins of dooking for apples are a little bit murky and uncertain. If you believe some people, it will be another case of what have the Romans ever done for us, with many historians believing that the Romans brought the apple tree to Britain, and then supposedly developed a game where apples would be placed in water or hung on a tree and the first single lady to successfully snare an apple was allowed to marry. And you thought Tinder created a random element to starting relationships, the modern app is nothing compared to the age old tradition involving apples!

Another school of thought cites a game of Celtic origin where after you caught an apple bobbing in water, you had to peel it, pass the peel three times around your head and then throw it over your shoulder. It would then supposedly fall to the ground and form the shape of the initial letter of your true love. Try it nowadays and you would get an on the spot fine for littering…then again, perhaps the person administering the fine is your one true love?

Using the very tenuous apples link and because I really like this song – here is Oscilliations by Silver Apples.

Either way, it seems as though many people, probably apple sellers, were looking to suggest apples had keen insight into your love life. To be honest, the way I pick them (women, not apples), I’d be as well basing my dating decisions on what a bloody apple tells me, it wouldn’t make as many wrong calls as I do! Anyways, where were we…

What can be said for sure is that autumn is the time to harvest apples so it stands to reason that any celebration or occasion at this time of year would have apples involved at some point. This means that dooking for apples has become a game that is synonymous with Halloween, and it may also be the only piece of fruit that kids eat this week in amongst the candy treats they’ll attempt to snaffle.

All well and good you may ask, but what is the point of this apple history lesson? We’re getting there, if you visit the site regularly, you’ll realise that getting our 5 A Year isn’t the first thought we have upon waking in the morning, but we do like alcohol and music. Which is why the latest offer from Drygate is rather enticing. We’ve said a few times how much we enjoy a trip to Drygate and in amongst the lager and the IPA is an apple ale, which is rather refreshing and a little bit different from what you would expect. I’ve never been one to fully jump on board with the cider craze that has emerged in recent years but I’ve enjoyed the Outaspace Apple Ale in the bar and at home a few times, and it’s alright and definitely nice for a wee change.

Getting to the real point of the story – Drygate is organising an APPLE AMNESTY, and this will be great news for all the green fingered Glaswegians (well, apart from the ones who have green fingers due to the jewellery they bought down the Barras).

Drygate Chris Moriarty & Jake Griffin landscape jpg

Drygate is welcoming people with home-grown apples to come along and provide them to Drygate so that they can be magically transformed into Outaspace Apple Ale. For every kilo of apples that a person brings, they will receive 25p of Drygate vouchers, which can be used in the bottle shop in Drygate. This isn’t going to be an offer that is ideal for everyone but if you grow your own apples and decide that you have gone off apple pies of late, or you have a surplus of apples, this could be an alternative for you. You can get some money off a carry-out and you can take some satisfaction from knowing that your apples have played a part in creating forthcoming batches of Apple Ale.

You can drop the apples off at Drygate so if you have been living The Good Life, you can play a part in allowing the rest of us to enjoy it too!

Outaspace Apple Ale landscape

For the rest of us, Drygate have recently announced that their three core drinks; Outaspace Apple Ale, Bareface Lager and Gladeye IPA are now available from Tesco stores. If you’ve not managed to make it along to Drygate yet but you fancy seeing what all of the fuss is about, your local Tesco (and you’re never more than 5 minutes from a Tesco these days it seems) can help you out.

Drygate is found at 85 Drygate, Glasgow, G4 OUT