Winter is coming

Their name would suggest that Campfires In Winter are more comfortable in the colder months of the year and if you are looking to see the band in their element, they have a big Christmas show lined up in the heart of Glasgow. It looks set to be a fun-filled festive evening, but it will also serve to draw a great year for the band to a close, while hoepfully building a bridge to what will hopefully be an even bigger one for the group.

We caught up with Boab from the group to talk about pork pies, mince pies and a little bit of music for people who aren’t too fussed about the pie chat.

To kick us off, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
We’re Campfires In Winter, we’re based in Croy and Cumbernauld outside of Glasgow, and we like Christmas jumpers and throwing parties.

How has 2014 been for Campfires In Winter?
It’s been grand. We’ve played some great venues and festivals and we’re just about to start recording our debut album.

Any particular highlights from the year, or any moments you would prefer to never live through again?
Headlining Tut’s in January for the first time was pretty special, as was the reception to our festival slots and the We’ll Exist single in July. As for moments I’d never want to live through again, Denny and Wullie’s chat from the backseat on the way to Liverpool Sound City was a real low point. Another low point was sitting in an Aldi car park eating a pork pie for breakfast one morning after a heavy night in Inverness.

According to some online sources – which shouldn’t always be trusted – it seems as though 2014 is the band’s 10th year anniversary. Does it feel like 10 years since you started?
Nope, it genuinely feels like we just got together a couple of years ago, like we’re still wee boys. We’ve been together in one form or another since 2004, when we were at school. We became Campfires at the end of 2009, and Denny replaced our old drummer in 2011 but that’s the only lineup change we’ve had. I suppose that’s when we probably started taking the whole band thing seriously.

You’ve played a good few festivals over the years, any highlights or great moments?
I think we’ve had a great time at every festival we’ve played. Sound City in Liverpool was pretty special. It was our first time in England and we were expecting an empty venue but actually ended up really busy. I always love the Inverness gigs too, as we’ve got some good pals up there, and we always get a good crowd. So getting to play both Brew at the Bog and Belladrum this year was fantastic. Plus, we got to see Tom Jones.

You have a big Christmas special show to round the year off in style, would you say that you have all been good boys this year?
We’re always very good boys. Always. 😉

Tell us more about the Christmas special:
It’s on 17th December in the pretty spectacular setting of Sloan’s Ballroom, Glasgow’s oldest bar. As well as ourselves, we’ll have Deathcats and Friends in America playing, two of my favourite bands in Glasgow just now. There shall be Christmas songs, and a guest or two join us on-stage. We’ll also have various other wee things going on around the hall It’s going to a proper Christmassy affair, with jumpers and mince pies and stuff. We also have some early bird tickets on sale for £10 for a short period only.

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What’s better – Christmas or New Year?
Christmas. I’m not really into New Year all that much. It’s okay and I do normally do something to celebrate it but I just enjoy Christmas is just far more.


The video for the We’ll Exist single featured Daniela Nardini – how did that come about?
Just down to pure chance, really. We met with Richard, the director, and he was really interested in working with us. He liked the song and thought his friend who was an actor might be interested in playing the lead. Turned out his friend was Daniela and luckily she was into the song as well.

2015 looks set to be a big year for the band, tell us what you have planned?
We’ll have load of shows, hopefully a tour (or two) and a few releases, including our debut album in the autumn. And hopefully some more festival appearances!

Any bands or songs that have come to your attention this year?
Well, two that stick out for me locally are the bands we have supporting at Sloan’s, Friends in America and Deathcats. I’ve been into Deathcats for a long time now but hadn’t really heard much by FIA until they released their new single in the summer. Have loved them since. Prehistoric Friends are another, their single Bermuda Triangle was one of my favourites of the year. And Call to Mind also released a phenomenal album. Then there’s the new So Many Animal Calls EP out on the Bloc+ label. And the Cutty’s Gym EP from the same label. That’s only a handful, but local music has been fantastic this year. I’ve missed so much out here.

What do you want to achieve in the year(s) ahead?
I’d like to release numerous albums and tour Europe and hopefully even further afield. Ideally, I’d like to make a comfortable living doing this. If it doesn’t work out like that, then we can always look back and go “well, we had a great time, didn’t we?”