It’s like a pub cleaning shift on a Sunday morning…

Unless you are Brian Wilson (the Beach Boy, not the politician), it is usually better to hear bands in stereo, and in Glasgow, we are pretty lucky that we have a venue called Stereo, so there are always plenty of chances to hear bands in Stereo.

We are also pretty lucky that we have some great local bands and this Saturday night, the best thing you can do with your time is head to Stereo because Holy Mountain are playing. The band has three core members, Andy McGlone on guitar and vocals, Pete Flett on drums and Allan Stewart, on bass, and they’ll throw in some keyboard sounds for you this weekend as well.

They’re signed to Chemikal Underground, which is pretty much all the verification you need for their quality, and they released their debut album this year; Ancient Astronauts, which is the follow up to their mini-album Earth Measures. Ancient Astronauts is a blindingly good record that rocks in all the right places and gives you a thorough kicking, which to be honest, we all need from time to time.

We’ve seen the band a couple of times this year and we can confirm that they are an impressive force to behold. As said, they play in Stereo on Saturday the 18th of October, so you’ve a chance to see and hear them for yourself in person.

We caught up with the band and they regaled us with some insightful tales of the band’s sound, how they plan ahead for gigs, the summer range of Greggs and why Bill and Ted have never had an excellent adventure in the manner that these guys have. Enjoy!

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t yet heard you?
Andy just bought these pants from Primark. They’ve got a picture of the universe printed on them, pretty psychedelic. If you hold them up to your ear after the 7th day of tour and have a good listen whilst sticking your fingers inside a plug socket you get a pretty good representation of what we sound like.

How good did it feel releasing your album this year?
It’s like a pub cleaning shift on a Sunday morning after a really horrendous Saturday night. Vomit everywhere and you’re hungover. It’s really brutal. But then you finish your shift and it’s still only 11am on a Sunday and you can go and party party party.

How does Ancient Astronauts differ from Earth Measures?
Earth Measures was really hot and we had a lot of fun but it wasn’t really working out. I think we were both looking for different things. Then we met Ancient Astronauts and just hit it off straight away. We just *get* each other, ya know? The keys, the vocals, Earth Measures just wasn’t capable of that kind of commitment.

Do you feel as if you’re flying a flag for rock music or do you just do what you do?
We prefer bunting to actual flags. Tie dye bunting with little pictures of piece symbols and hash leafs. I think you can get them in Urban Outfitters.

How did it feel coming on at Glasgow Green, at the Glasgow Mix Tape event, after Sidney Devine?
It turns out he isn’t actually a steak and kidney pie but a real life man. By the time we landed on stage most of his crowd had left. I can only assume they were also expecting a pastry delight and were too disappointed to stick around for us. He had fantastic white cowboy boots that he wouldn’t let us try on.

You played two big summer shows in August, how did you find them?
Andy suffered from a rare case of Short Guitar Lead syndrome at Glasgow Green and the not so rare Getting Pished Before Playing syndrome at Richmond Park. Both shows were highly enjoyable and we will one day return to Richmond Park to walk our dogs and sail model yachts in the boating pond.

Holy Mountain in Glasgow Stereo

What did you make of everything that was taking place in Glasgow this summer?
Greggs July addition of the Mexican Lattice was particularly satisfying. Allan and Andy summered in Aspen but Pete says that he broke into the Glasgow Green complex at night and actually ran faster than the Usain Bolt machine whilst performing paradiddles on his travel snare.

Do you approach support/festival slots differently from your own gigs?
It’s easier to channel cosmic energy at festivals as there are no ceilings to stem the patter flow. We book our own shows around the lunar calendar for maximum tidal influence. There is less pressure to perform wizardry at other people’s shows.

You are undertaking a 7 day tour in October. Do you feel that now you have an album out that there is a different level of expectation placed on your live shows?
There’s always been a big level of expectation from HM live shows but there are only so many keyboard players you can explode/have abducted/sacrifice before people get suspicious. We don’t need any more trouble with the law. We will continue to try and budget for pyrotechnics as long as we have a label to bill.

You play 18th October in Stereo, what are you feelings going into a hometown gig on the last night of the tour?
See the bit at the end of Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey where they realise the still can’t play then time travel to get lessons then come back and they are fleein’ and the crowd all explodes? Stereo will be that times a million.

Does the band have any plans for 2015?
We live 100 years every day. Hopefully we will have time to find a new album.

Any ambitions beyond this point?
To live 1000 years every day. And to tour more than two weeks a year.

Any bands or music you have enjoyed this year?
GOAT and Windhand.

Hopefully that has given you all the introduction you need to understand where Holy Mountain are coming from and if you’re looking to find out more, they play on Saturday night in Stereo with support from Halfrican and Young Philadelphia – so you’re going to get excellent value for money for your ticket price.