Saturday 4th October is the date for your diary

It’s fair to say that 2014 has been a big year for TenementTV. Yes, it has been a big year for all of us but has your online site gone from strength to strength while also getting your own regular TV show? Probably not, but these are just some of the things that have been keeping the TenementTV team busy this year. You would think that would be enough to keep them occupied but no, they are still working on other projects and the next Tenement Trail is looming large.

Let’s get the admin details over and done with:

The Tenement Trail takes place on Saturday the 4th of October with the event being spread across 5 venues at the top end of the city centre. Tickets are on sale now from Tickets Scotland (online and in the Glasgow & Edinburgh stores), currently priced at £14 in advance for the event that runs between 2pm and midnight. There is also an afterparty in Flat 0/1 which will be on until 3am.

Okay, the venues are:

O2 ABC2, King Tut’s, Broadcast, Nice N Sleazy and Flat 0/1

The bands are…well, have a look at the line-up for yourself:

Tenement Trail 2014

All in all, there is going to be at least 35 acts on offer across the 13 hours (don’t forget that after-party), so you’ll get your monies worth but there are some excellent bands that you should look to check out. With an event like this, you aren’t going to get the chance to see every band, and there will be plenty of bands that don’t particularly interest you for one reason or another, and that’s alright. The trick is to focus on what you do want to see, and here are some of our tips.

Campfires in Winter
Good lads with good tunes. As a site, we’re not 100% into the beards, not the particular beards of the band members, just beards in general. Yeah, it’s a controversial statement to make in the current climate but it is one we are happy to stick by. Unless you are Paul McCartney in the final days of The Beatles, a beard isn’t the best look. Anyways, where were we, oh aye, Campfires In Winter, good lads with good tunes. Enjoy one here:

Good lassies with good tunes. A band that has been developing a decent reputation of late and while we’re big fans of their recorded output, we’ve always managed to miss out on them playing live. Sometimes through our laziness, sometimes because of clashing with other gigs (playing up against Honeyblood in Glasgow in mid-September? Madness!) However, the TenementTrail is going to be an excellent opportunity to see their live show and it is one that we’ll be taking up. As the following track indicates, they love a harmony and a melody.

There has been a lot of talk about the new wave of the Dundee scene of late and Vladimir are probably the band at the forefront of it all. After a lengthy build-up of reading about them I managed to catch them in Broadcast in Spring this year and even though they were playing to a virtually empty room with some of the crowd no doubt just coming in to shelter from the rain that was battering down outside, they played a murky and atmospheric rock n roll show that went some way to backing up the praise that had been showered on the band. If you want to check out their cover of Born Slippy, you can do so here:

And that is just three bands – there are tons more, including The Amazing Snakeheads, Deathcats and Hector Bizerk, proving once again that they are one of the hardest working bands around at the moment.

We’ve also heard a lot of good about Atom Tree without actually managing to see them live yet, so this could be the ideal opportunity to do so. In fact, sometimes this is what you should do at festivals – if you have a list of acts that you definitely want to see, that’s great but sometimes doing a wee bit of research into the unknown or taking a gamble in checking out a band can pay off. It doesn’t always…that’s why it’s called a gamble…but there’s been a lot of thought gone into the line-up so it is probably fair to say that every act has something to offer.

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You can read our interview with the team just prior to the launch of TenementTV on the STV Glasgow channel here.