Sheik, Rattle and Rock n Roll…

We’re within touching distance of the Games in Glasgow and there’s a hell of a lot going on in the next week or so. If you don’t have plans for Friday, you may be interested to know that there will be live music at the Kelvingrove Bandstand.

The afternoon sees The Cinammon Girls and The Shiverin’ Sheiks serving up some musical delights and treats for you. We managed to catch a few words with up with Dave from The Shiverin’ Sheiks in the build-up to their set.

As a way of introduction, how would you sum up The Shiverin’ Sheiks and the music that you make?
A subtly bombastic old-time jet age tearjerking dance party.

The band mixes up a lot of genres in their sound, is there anything which you thinks pulls everything together?
Belligerence and gay abandon. In equal measures.

The various band members play in different bands as well, is it difficult to arrange the time to get together for The Sheiks?
The Sheiks is probably what we play with most, playing generally around 5-6 nights a week. The other projects such as The Strange Blue Dreams, Les Johnson and Me and Christine Bovil generally feature The Sheiks at the core of them so we make time for whatever needs to be done

How did you find the recording process for your album, ‘A Curious Case of the Shiverin’ Sheiks’?
Fanstastic! We worked with George Miller of Kaisers and New Picaddillys fame who got our sound immaculately. The recording iteslf was just setting up in the room and going for it then we had a bit of fun with old reverbs and stuff afterwards. Easy-peasy when you’ve got a bit of Kaiser magic.

Do you have any plans for a follow-up album?
Deffo at some stage, hopefully within next year. We’re pretty busy recording-wise at moment between getting Strange Blue Dreams album finished, and doing an album with Christine Bovil. Once we’ve finished those we’ll get straight on it!

You’ve been invited to play at the Kelvingrove Bandstand as part of the Culture element of 2014. How did that come about and how excited are you by the prospect?
We got asked to play by Lorraine Wilson who’s in charge of these sorts of things and I guess is a bit of a fan of the band. It’s an amazing opportunity and honour to play at the newly refurbed bandstand and great that it’s up and running again. Also, as a Glasgow band, to play a part in what’s such a massive event for Glasgow is wonderful.

Why should people come along and see your show on the 25th of July?
They’re unlikely to find a better rock’n’roll/country/gospel/swing band who also do ballads on the afternoon of Friday 25th July in the G12 area. As far as I know anyway.

Have you any plans to check out any of the other acts performing or any other bands this summer?
Alas we tend be playing most nights so don’t often get to check out much other stuff! Will definitely try and check out anything we can though. Looking forward to seeing Leo Condie and his band who’re on the 25th as well. Some of us will be playing with Les Johnson and Me supporting Belle and Sebastian on the 23rd so that should be a pretty good show. Couldn’t have got a ticket otherwise! Would’ve loved to see Steve Earle at the bandstand but that’s sold out too.

Will you be able to enjoy the summer celebrations in Glasgow or will the band be too busy working? We’ll be pretty damn busy but we’ll find the fun where we can!

The Shiverin' Sheiks

The Shiverin’ Sheiks

You teamed up with Brewdog Records for a single release, and played at their Brew At The Bog festival, their Glasgow bar is not far from the Kelvingrove Bandstand – will you be popping in for a pint around the gig?
Think we’re playing in Dundee straight after so probably better not but can heartily recommend the experience to anyone else!

You were invited to play on the first night of the STV Glasgow station – how was that experience?
That was great fun! A lot of people seemed to have picked up on it and it’s definitely helped swell our following around Glasgow. Highlight was Scottish goalkeeping legend Alan Rough attempting to clap along with a gospel number. I guess he’s more of a jazzer. And possibly a Satanist.

Do you feel there is enough media coverage for local bands in Glasgow or Scotland?
Stuff like STV Glasgow, BBC Scotland, The Herald, Daily Record have all been great at giving us bits of coverage here and there. There could always be more but then I am a megalomaniac who won’t be happy until every world station is the Dave News.

Do you have a preference to playing your own gigs or festival sets? Any major differences between the two?
Both can be great. Festival type gigs are a great opportunity for people who’ve never seen you to check you out and your own gigs are more of a home crowd so you can sometimes try out different things you maybe wouldn’t try to a crowd who doesn’t know you yet.

If people see and love you at the Bandstand show, or can’t see you but want to check you out, where else can people find The Shiverin’ Sheiks this summer?
Every Tuesday we play at Blackfriars, Doune The Rabbithole Festival with both the Sheiks and our other band The Strange Blue Dreams, Club Noir at the 02 Academy on Aug 2nd and otherwise check out the facebook page for whatever we’re doing that week!

What are your remaining musical ambitions?
We’ve got a bunch of records we want to get out over the next while, as I mentioned before, The Strange Blue Dreams, Christine Bovil, and we’ve just put one out with Les Johnson. So I guess keep putting out records, tour them get them out there. Keep working on the plan basically, keep working on the plan.

So on Friday the 25th of July, from 1.30pm, The Cinammon Girls will be performing and then The Shiverin’ Sheiks will be bringing their unique take on rock and roll to The Kelvingrove Bandstand. What better way to ease yourself into the weekend than getting along for their show?