St Enoch Station

There is no clearly defined or definite starting point for the Glasgow Subcrawl but the stop at St Enoch’s has tended to become the main place to congregate and start the day. Wherever you kick off is up to you and West Enders may prefer a Hillhead start but it’s with St Enoch’s we will begin.

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Times Square is situated just off the back entrance / exit of the St Enoch’s Subway stop, looking out onto St Enoch’s square. The square has had a refit in recent times, with the now impressive facade of the St Enoch’s centre on the opposite side of the pub. As this is a regular starting point for the crawl, food is not really on the agenda but if you want to pick up something for the journey, the newly refurbished Greggs on the edge of the centre allows you to start with some traditional Glasgow grub. Greggs may hail from the North-East of England but their wares and products have become an integral part of the Glaswegian diet.

If this is the first pub on your journey, it’s unlikely you will remember too much about Times Square but it’s a fairly pleasant pub to start your day off in.

The general locality of the pub means that it caters for most punters with a safe yet unexciting start to your drinking day.

I Survived the Subcrawl - © Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

I Survived the Subcrawl - © Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

This stop is quite often the meeting place for groups of drinkers so if you have a few stragglers you may find yourself hanging around for more than a drink or two but there are much worse pubs on the Subcrawl that you could have an elongated stop in.

Tradition sees the Glasgow Subcrawl being undertaken in a clockwise manner, which will see the pubs on the Southside being tackled first before arching back to the West End for the final drinks of the day.

This, alongside the colour of the trains, has led many people to refer to the Glasgow Underground as the ‘Clockwork Orange’. Others say it because of the mindless droogs that inhabit the underound network. Either way, if you want to crawl….you have to get on the underground.

St Enoch - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

St Enoch - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

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