Open mics and Honeyblood

So…we don’t update this thing as often as we should. Sorry if you would like more and if you aren’t fussed, you’re welcome for our lack of updates. Anyways, there are plenty of reasons why this site doesn’t get the care and attention it deserves but a prominent one is the fact that we are too busy.

Often too busy out enjoying ourselves to spend much time writing about the things that are coming up or what we are doing. So we’re here to right that wrong a little bit.

One thing that is fair to say about the team behind Get Around Glasgow is that we love a Thursday night out. In the past few weeks we’ve been pretty much spoiled for a great evening out. We don’t really bother with Halloween but with Parquet Courts turning in an ear splitting show in Mono on Thursday the 31st of October, it was a treat for Thursday night music lovers.

On Thursday the 14th of November, Yuck played at Nice N Sleazys and again, it was a loud and immensely enjoyable night. Last Thursday, it was the Arctic Monkeys at the Hydro.

This meant that this Thursday could have fallen a bit flat but let’s be honest, if you want a night out in Glasgow, you will find it. And we did. And it was a belter.

First stop, off to the Carnarvon between Charing Cross and St George’s Cross (129 St George’s Rd Glasgow G3 6JA, to give the bar it’s proper address). We’re glad to say that we weren’t cross with what was going on though. Every Thursday night there is a cracking singer songwriter night where folk are encouraged to come along and show off their skills. The people behind the night always try to jazz it up and keep it topical. In recent weeks we’ve had an event showcasing the wonder of Lou (Reed) and this week, it couldn’t be anything other than a Thanksgiving style night.

Glasgow open mic night

Carnarvon Bar Glasgow

We got in just in time for one of the event organisers to rattle few a couple of old classics. There was Pink Floyd, another nod to Lou Reed with a great version of ‘Sweet Jane’ and a bit of Ryan Adams. It was then time for someone to come up from the floor for three songs. It can be a rather unforgiving stage in Glasgow and it definitely takes a bit of courage to play your own songs in front of a bar with people who dont know you and would probably prefer to have the jukebox on! Then again, with a free drink on offer for all participants, there is some motivation. With a bit of Neil Young, and after giving thanks to the team, we slipped out and instead of veering left back into town; we took a right and headed to Drake.

On the quiet tip, the Drake has been putting on acoustic shows on Thursday night of late. Again, with so much on, it has been hard to get over and check out but the bill for this event made it a must see.

If you keep an eye or ear out for new Glasgow music, you’ll likely have heard the gorgeous melodies of Honeyblood. We first caught them at T in the Park this year but they’ve been a regular feature on our stereo (well, laptop and popular branded mp3 player) throughout 2013. The girls have been gigging quite a lot of late but now that they’ve been to America to record their album, this was our first chance to see them perform and decide that they have become too big for us to like.

This, of course, wasn’t the case. It was an acoustic set, so we never got the full on pop power from the duo but an acoustic solo set is always a great way to showcase the quality and style of the songs. Post production and feedbacking squalor can cover a multitude of sins but when a songwriter is putting themselves on the line with only an acoustic and their vocals to rely on, you get to find out exactly what the quality of the songs are.

Honeyblood didn’t disappoint…well, it was just Stina from the group but you get the jist of it!

The final two songs of the night were Kissing On You

and Bud

Even pared back and slowed down, both of these songs were of good quality and a quality end to a rather short but sweet set.

Truth to be told, we weren’t really feeling The Drake as a venue for acoustic acts. The layout of the room wasn’t great and it seemed as though the crowd in the room weren’t really too bothered. That was disappointing but Stina and Honeyblood will be playing to plenty of bigger and attentive audiences in the year ahead so no real harm done. It should be said that The Drake does have Joker IPA and Samuel Smith Organic Lager on draught so that is a plus point for the venue.

There was time to nip back round to the Carnarvon and it seemed as though the would be participants were over their early nerves. There was a queue of folk lining up to perform and when we returned, there was a performer with a mandolin. That’s the sort of variety you are looking for and over the next half an hour we had Donovan covers, traditional folk tunes and a whole lot more.

So there you go, a couple of hours spent listening to live music and not a penny paid in entrance fees. Depending on how much you are looking to spend on drink, it can be a really cheap night, which is often what you are looking for on a Thursday. If you want to get out of the house but want to save cash for the weekend, open mic nights and free acoustic shows provide you with plenty of entertainment.

The Thursday night open mic night is a regular feature at the Carnarvon so feel free to check it out with the venue promising there will be a big Christmas night on Thursday the 19th of December. As for Honeyblood, we’re sure there will be a lot more to come from them in 2014, which is something else to look forward to.