Love films? Love laughs? Love Glasgow!

You know what it’s like, you wait ages for news about a festival taking place in Glasgow and then bang, two big launches take place at virtually the same time. Sadly, there is no announcement about a new music festival taking place, we need one in the city but for fans of films and laughter, there is plenty to look forward to.

The Glasgow Film Festival, taking place between the 14th and 24th of February is the biggest Glasgow Film Festival yet and there are a number of big names and events heading to the city.

The Art Deco GFT on Glasgow's Rose Street

The Art Deco GFT on Glasgow’s Rose Street

One of the highlights looks set to be the Secret Subway event. There have not been too many details announced about this event but 50 attendees will get the chance to watch a film in a sealed off part of the subway, which is sure to make for a memorable occasion.

Another event that will catch the eye is a documentary on the life and times of famous Glaswegian Alasdair Gray. The film has supposedly been 15 years in the making and it will hopefully provide a fascinating insight into one of the more unique and interesting talents the city has given to the world.

Rab Florence of Burnistoun fame is also involved in the festival, under his God of Games moniker and there could finally be a serious look at computer games and gaming in this sort of environment. If you only know of Rab from Burnistoun, you may not know that this is a gentleman that takes consoles and board games very seriously. If that sounds like your thing, make sure you check out the listings.

The full run down of events can be found at:
Glasgow Film Festival site

If you would rather have a bit of a laugh in Glasgow, the Glasgow Comedy Festival could be the thing you are looking for. The event takes place between the 14th and the 31st of March.

Big names like Harry Hill, Phil Jupitus, Mark Thomas, Jerry Sadowitz and Sean Lock can all be found so if you want to see some of the acts that you regularly see on your telly, you will have plenty of opportunities.

Of course, there are plenty of comedy opportunities available and you might be surprised at the quality of some of the other acts so why not take a chance or two on what is on offer?

Billy Connolly Steel Mural in Anderston - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

Billy Connolly Steel Mural in Anderston – © Get Around Glasgow Photos

There are events taking place across the city with the West End, the South Side, the City Centre and even the East End (well, WEST Brewery at the edge of Glasgow Green) all represented. There are events at various prices and with nights out for a fiver, there should be something for every budget in the Glasgow Comedy Festival.

The full listings can be found at:
Glasgow Comedy Festival site