Enjoy the magic of the movies at home

While looking for information about the forthcoming Glasgow Film Festival, we happened to stumble upon something of interest on the GFT website. The GFT has always been a favourite place for the Get Around Glasgow team to go to but with the pressure of modern life and downright laziness, we haven’t made it along as often as would like in recent times.

This is why the idea of the GFT Player sounds like such a good idea. It works in the same way as things like the BBC iPlayer or Sky Player but with much less focus on teenagers getting drunk on the Spanish islands, so that has to be a good thing.

We’ll let the GFT explain it;

“The GFT Player is a specially curated online viewing platform. It offers you the chance to watch new releases (available to stream alongside their screenings in the cinema), favourite films that you may have missed on the big screen, and exclusive additional content. Films can be streamed anywhere in the UK and Ireland, and, where possible, they will be available in HD.”

Glasgow Film Theatre, Rose Street Glasgow

Glasgow Film Theatre, Rose Street Glasgow

The fact that the GFT Player allows you to keep in touch with the current schedule and shows at the GFT from the comfort of your own home is a definite boon. The fact that films can be watched for £1.99 is definitely a great factor too. If you were to head to the Cineworld in Glasgow, that £1.99 may just about get you the bun for a hot dog!

Getting the chance to see new release films at home or on the move legally will definitely be a great thing for those people who are determined not to turn to illegal markets for all of their movies. This is a sensible choice, after all, we were warned about home taping killing music and no one took that seriously…and now look at us? Thank you kids from the 70s, 80s and 90s, thanks a bunch!

The Art Deco GFT on Glasgow's Rose Street

The Art Deco GFT on Glasgow’s Rose Street

Anyways, a trip to the GFT is still something to look forward and we obviously recommend that you find time now and again to give the Rose Street venue a whirl. However, for the times when you can’t make it but still want to see the latest and greatest movies, the GFT Player should provide a strong alternative option.

Follow this link to get to the GFT Player:

GFT Player

We’ll have more to say about the 2013 Glasgow Film Festival soon!