It’s The Vinyl Countdown For Christmas

If you’re anything like us, you will be completely avoiding the thought of Christmas shopping. There is still plenty of time for that malarkey and as for putting a tree up, well that can wait until much nearer the time. It’s not that we’re all Ebeneezer Scrooge’s at the Get Around Glasgow team, we’re just busy folk that prefer to enjoy the party and festive side of the festive season as opposed to worrying too much about the background niceties of this time of year!

However, we think we may be tempted to start making a foray into some festive shopping this weekend with the Independent Music Fair taking place in Chambre 69 in the heart of Glasgow in Nelson Mandela Place. The event starts at 1pm and goes all the way through until 6pm. Entry is free (as in Free Nelson Mandela), there will be plenty of great record labels with stalls and there are going to be some bands and artists playing for you. Avoid the rubbish buskers on Buchanan Street and go and see some proper artists.

(Mind you, a few years back there was a busker at the bottom of Buchanan Street who played ‘Going Up The Country’ by Canned Heat – he got some money for a great version of a great tune.)

If you do attend, you can get your hands on records, CDs, t-shirts, other clothing pieces, merchandise and musical supplies. If you have a music fan in your life that doesn’t devote too much of their spare time to looking round HMV, you could well find some great gifts for them here.

There is also supposedly going to be some great food offers and of course, there is going to be a bar!

If you fancy the idea of seeing some live acts during the day this Saturday, here is the running order so why not get along, get some of your crimbo shopping ticked off and have some fun watching these musical acts?

Jo Mango (1.30pm)
So Many Animal Calls (2.15pm)
Le Thug (3pm)
Fake Major (3.45pm)
Colin Reid (Cuddly Shark) (4.30pm)
Rick Redbeard (5.15pm)

Some of the labels / shops who will be in attendance include:

Armellodie Records, Chemikal Underground, Song By Toad Records, Gerry Loves Records, Rock Action Records, Olive Grove, Rub A Dub, LOVE Music, Chaffinch Records and Overlook Records.

Saturday afternoon in town can be a little bit chaotic at this time of year so why not side-step some of the madness, turn-off and drop into the Glasgow leg of the Scottish Independent Music Fair!