Doors Open Day – Glasgow 2012

One of the things that Glaswegians enjoy is getting stuff for nothing. It often doesn’t matter what is on offer and if there is going to be any great impact on your life by grabbing it for free, it is the fact that you don’t have to pay for it which makes it so attractive. Sometimes though, this leads to some good benefits being picked up by the recipient and there is no doubt that the Glasgow Doors Open Day falls into the category of free things that are good for you.

For the full run-down of what is on offer on Saturday the 15th of September and Sunday the 16th of September in the Glasgow Doors Open Day, check out the following website:

Doors Open Day Website

Glasgow Doors Open Day has certainly been picking up popularity in recent years but did you know that it is 23 years old this year? That’s nearly as old as many of the pairs of socks that will be treading their way through the open doors of some of the most famous and spectacular buildings in the city. The main focus falls on the weekend but the fun properly began on Monday the 10th of September and you can enjoy a series of talks and events in the run-up to the big weekend. You can’t argue with getting the chance to see over 100 buildings and choosing between 41 different walks and talks. There is not going to be enough time to take in all of the talks and walks but if you have to prioritise your trips, you may want to choose the 24 venues that are new for 2012! One of these buildings includes the Maryhill Burgh Halls, which have been refurbished of late.

It will take far too long to run through them all but there is sure to be something for everyone.

It’s only right that Glasgow celebrates the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh but we’re big fans of the work of Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson. There is a good focus on his work, including the impressive St Vincent Church.

St. Vincent Street Church designed by Alexander Greek Thomson - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

St. Vincent Street Church designed by Alexander Greek Thomson – © Get Around Glasgow Photos

There can be a tendency to think that these tours and trips will focus on ancient buildings and relics of a byegone era. These buildings deserve to be seen and have their story told but admiration of architecture doesn’t have to revolve around classic buildings. There are some exciting buildings which are still buzzing with life you can check out for free this weekend.

The Albert Drive Studios give you the chance to see a Victorian villa transformed into a creative studio, you have the Arches, the Barrowlands Ballroom, the BBC Building and even the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall bringing entertainment and music to life. Of course, that is just up to the B’s in the full list so you have probably got the idea that there is plenty on offer for people of all backgrounds and interests.

A building like Scotland Street School is always going to be a hot choice for people on weekends like this but there is something for people in all parts of the city. If you don’t fancy travelling too much, have a look to see if there is something in your local area which can give you a great insight into the history of your local community. Pollok, Maryhill, Govan, Shettleston, Springburn, Yorkhill and many many more – you name it, there will be something on your doorstep to enjoy. One of the highlights of last years event was access to the community flat at the top of Red Road flats with it’s stunning views across Glasgow and the Campsies.

You might even have an interest in Hampden being on the list for free entry..which will annoy the folk who have spent a lot of money to be at Hampden in the past week. There has been no promise that Craig Levein will be on the premises this weekend!

Wired View from Glasgow's Red Road Flats - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

Wired View from Glasgow’s Red Road Flats – © Get Around Glasgow Photos

Some of the tours and buildings require people to book in advance and as you will see, many of these tours and trips are fully booked!

Bookings Page

If you fancy some of the other trips which have partial bookings, you may want to get your trip confirmed to avoid disappointment.

Glasgow School Of Art front door sign - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

Glasgow School Of Art front door sign – © Get Around Glasgow Photos

Getting the chance to see the Art School in all its glory is always an enticing prospect. The GAG team may have spent more of its time in the Art School on a Saturday night on the chequered dance floor and enjoying the sounds but with the Vic Bar out of action, this could be a great way to reconnect with your artistic side!

Govanhill Baths on it's way back

Govanhill Baths on it’s way back

Govanhill Fight The Power - © Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

Govanhill Fight The Power – © Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

We’ve rattled on quite a bit here and we are nowhere near in scratching the surface so before the weekend, check out the Glasgow Open Doors Day site and see if there is anything that takes your fancy.