Raise a glass to Glasgow Beer Week

Some people will have a laugh at the idea of Glasgow hosting a specific Glasgow Beer Week. After all, it is not as beer is going to be overlooked in the city for the remaining 51 weeks of the year but it can be helpful to turn a light on the industry and perhaps bring certain places or things to people’s attention.

Let’s face it; these festivals are all about getting bums on seats or money in the till, regardless of the industry, so why not have a beer week in Glasgow? Give the punters what they want and you won’t go far wrong.

We are pretty lucky in Glasgow to have a great range of options when it comes to beer and no matter what your criteria is, you should be able to find something of merit. There is something for every budget, every taste, every class and no matter how skelpt you want to get, you can do so. Of course though, we must remind you to please get skelpt responsibly.

BrewDog Glasgow Counter -  © Get Around Glasgow Photos

BrewDog Glasgow Counter – © Get Around Glasgow Photos

One of the events which took place at the start of Glasgow Beer Week was hosted by Brewdog in their Kelvingrove premises and it gave a good insight into the brewing process. We enjoy many of the fine beers of Brewdog and would list this as one of our favourite bars in Glasgow but there are many great bars in Glasgow taking part in this celebration of beer.

For instance, on Monday the 10th of September, you can enjoy:

The Clockwork Brewery Tour at 3pm, where you get the chance to visit the microbrewery at the Cathcart Road premises and at the end of the tour, you will have the chance to indulge in a tasting session. The tour is likely to cost around £5 and spaces are limited so if you want to get in touch, please give them a call on 0141 649 0184

Beer School: How Lager Conquered Britain.

This event is taking place in WEST, starting at 7pm and running through to half past nine. Brewing historian Ron Pattinson is giving a talk on how the speciality product lager ended up taking over the market and there will be a discussion on beer with a distinguished panel. There will be no charge for the event and the beer is cheerily listed as pay as you go!

There are many more events during the week, with the Clockwork Brewery Tour taking place on a number of days, so if you want more info, please visit the Glasgow Beer week site

BrewDog Glasgow - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

BrewDog Glasgow – © Get Around Glasgow Photos

Anyways, at 2pm on Saturday 8th of September, Brewdog had a live brewing event where one of their top brewers came down to talk and walk through the process of creating their beers. The pub was sweltering in the heat and the atmosphere was heavy with the various ingredients involved with the brewing process. The brewing process can be a rather aromatic one and it is not for everyone but the crowd that gathered for the brewing tutorial seemed to be enjoying it and the Brewdog produce!

The event also saw a new Brewdog drink being brewed up and it should be available in a month or so’s time. The drink carries the name ‘Hair Of The Brewdog’ and if you think the market has been lacking a high quality breakfast beer, you could be in luck. Some of the ingredients in this new drink include coffee, grapefruit and toasted Tasmanian hops amongst others, so hopefully this will be exactly what you need to add a little kick to your day and get you back in the saddle.

With the drink set to be a 7% beer, you may not want to have too many before arriving at work but as an eye-opener on weekends or big days, it could fit the bill.

Cooking up Hair of the BrewDog - © Get Around Glasgow Photos

Cooking up Hair of the BrewDog – © Get Around Glasgow Photos

Officially the Glasgow Beer Week runs until the 14th of September, so there is not a lot of drinking time left to get involved but there are events listed on the site up until the 16th of September. You will also still be able to get a pint in Glasgow after the event finishes, don’t worry about that!