Will you get the tickets to ride?

In life, you have to strike when the iron is hot, take opportunities when they come along.

I’m sure we’ve all dithered and dallied about things and lost the momentum and it can be quite annoying. This is why it is great to see news about upcoming events and tickets sales for the East End Velodrome, the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome if you will.

Yes, on the back of claiming his sixth Olympic Gold medal, an even bigger achievement is ready to roll along for the Edinburgh lad, a building named after him in Glasgow is getting ready to be used!

The Track World Cup is coming to Glasgow in November and tickets are almost on sale.

According to the Ticketmaster page for the event, which can be accessed here: Glasgow Velodrome tickets and a pre-sale is taking place on Thursday 16th of August, beginning at 2pm. Sadly, this pre-sale is only open to members of the British Cycling club, who should have received the password for the pre-sale in an email sent to them.

Bring Kraftwerk to the Glasgow Velodrome

Bring Kraftwerk to the Glasgow Velodrome

Never fear though, the public sale of tickets for the Track World Cup at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome begins on the 22nd of August, so you will have a chance to get your hands on the tickets, even if you are not a British Cycling member.

This is also far from the only event that will be taking place in the Velodrome. The Junior World Track Championships will be held in the venue in 2013 and there will likely be a lot more events announced in the build-up to the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

You’d think this would be a time where the whole country gets behind the sporting achievements of this summer but no, there is always someone who can’t enjoy the fun.

Bagsy First Go on the Velodrome - © Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

Bagsy First Go on the Velodrome – © Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

It is no surprise that the salt and sauced chip on their shoulder Edinburgh folk are once again greeting about the fact that Glasgow gets something that they did not. This time, the strange-talking East-coast lot are moaning because Glasgow is the host to the parade of Scottish athletes after the Olympic Games. Edinburgh had the last parade after the Beijing Olympics but it seems as though that isn’t good enough.

Given that Glasgow is hosting the 2014 Commonwealth Games and some of the football at the 2012 Olympic Games was played at Hampden, it is only right that any parade of Scottish athletes takes place in the city. Edinburgh have already decided to award the freedom of the city to Sir Chris Hoy, so they will be having a presentation for that anyway, basically, it just boils down to Edinburgh wanting everything and wanting Glasgow to get nothing.

Of course, you know why this is don’t you? It’s because Glasgow is a better place and deep down, all the wise-cracking strange-talking Kens and Kenettas from Edinburgh knows this. It stalks their step with a weight on their soul, it invades their every thought with a crushing blow, it strikes them in the middle of their sleep, forcing them to wake in a cold sweat crying out the name “Glasgow”.

Hoy Gies a Backie - © Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

Hoy Gies a Backie – © Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

Hey, that’s just silly Edinburgh folk for you…it’s time for them to realise we all need to get along and put less focus and energy into “hatred”. You know what it’s like…it’s like a wee boy that likes a girl but can’t find the way to articulate his emotions and decides to push the wee lassie or pull her pigtails, this is what Edinburgh feels towards Glasgow.

Its okay Auld Reekie, we know you really love us.

Okay, that aside, Glasgow really needs to keep putting sport at the forefront so hopefully the public sale of tickets for the Track World Cup will be publicised before they go on sale.