Get a feel for the Underground by watching this video, which should provide a good overview of what you will see when you ride on the Clockwork Orange:

Okay, this is not strictly the subcrawl but it is still worth a watching. You will find that some of the distances between two subway stops are not that far (not quite as short as the distance between branches of Greggs but still very much walkable) but why walk when you can race a bike? Cue the Subway Challenge!

This video was such a smash-hit, it managed to make its way onto a Channel 4 show. The real reward for the efforts put in was to be shown to the nation while being introduced by a very smug man who we think may have been sleeping with one of the Sugababes…not one of the original ones, one of the later ones. It’s hard to keep up to date with all of the Sugababes isn’t it? Anyways, forget about them, see the video being snapped down for national consumption:

As always, antics like this will always bring about copycat efforts and we liked this, if only for the introduction which ran “oh look, heres a douchebag on a bike”:

The Glasgow Subcrawl is something that could help to further put the city on the map as tourists would love the opportunity to see a bit more of the city and get rip-roaringly drunk while doing so. The following video sees one hearty traveller from across the pond taking on the Subcrawl by himself, which was definitely a feat of bravery (perhaps even stupidity). Some will say that there are points off for the half-pints but not us, fair play by the big man.

If you are looking for a cool way to mark a birthday party or celebration, the Subcrawl could be an excellent to make a great day of it. That is what the group in the following video decided to do, although in reality, it was probably that no one bothered arranging a party or couldn’t be bothered celebrating the birthday. You don’t have to do all the “whacky” and “ crazy” antics that these guys and gals do but it shows that the Subcrawl can form part of a larger celebration as opposed to being the main event itself:

There is a definite feeling of friendship and camaraderie about the Subcrawl so why not round your mates up and head out for a great day:

I Survived The Subcrawl - © Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

I Survived The Subcrawl – © Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

Some individual journey clips

Travel from Buchanan Street to Kelvinhall and then to St Enoch Centre. It is not the most common route you are going to take but this video clip showcases some good sights and the classic look of many Glasgwegian folk shuffling by off camera as quickly as possible:

West Street to Buchanan Street:

Buchanan Street to St Enoch:

St Enoch to Bridge Street:

Govan to Cessnock:

Kelvinbridge to Partick:

If there is something we Glaswegians love, it is a pointless fight, so here’s a video comparing the Glasgow and London Undergrounds:

There are also a good collection of Subcrawl videos which are made up of photos from the day and a lot of bad music, have a look at some of these…but feel free to turn the volume down first:

And another one…

The Subcrawl can be a lot of fun but with a lot of alcohol involved with your trip, you need to have your wits about you. This is an example of what can go wrong on a Glasgow Subcrawl: