Bring On The Robots!

The current hullabaloo in the media may be focusing on the London 2012 Games but it is only right that people are looking ahead to the Glasgow Games in 2014! It isn’t that far away and as soon as the ticker-tape and lost Oyster cards are swept up after the London games, all eyes really will be looking towards the Weeg.

If you have been about the East End of late, you can’t have failed to notice improvements and changes so with two years to go, there is a lot to get excited about.

The improvements to the city will hopefully help people who have absolutely no interest in sports to get something from the Games but there should be more for everybody. For instance, take the East End Velodrome. It will have a big role to play during the Games and the venue is set to be the new home of the Glasgow Rocks from the start of the 2012/13 season.

Bagsy First Go on the Velodrome - Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

Bagsy First Go on the Velodrome – Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

That is all well and good but we can’t help but be a bit envious at the way the Manchester Velodrome was brought to life back in 2009. It may have been a central part of the 2002 Games but in July 2009, as part of the Manchester International Festival, it welcomed Kraftwerk to the arena.

The German legends are renowned cycle fans with their Tour De France album and single bringing this to most folk’s attention but there has always been a love of cycling within the band.

Some will say why retread in the footseps in Manchester but we say, it has been long enough since Kraftwerk set Glasgow alight, let’s get the robots back to bring the Velodrome to life in almighty fashion.

Bring Kraftwerk to the Glasgow Velodrome

Bring Kraftwerk to the Glasgow Velodrome

Some folk will be saying there should be more of a Scottish tinge to the event and we would agree with that. What could be better than trying to get The Delgados to reform for the gig and they could even play their 1998 album, Peloton, in full. A peloton, as you all know, is the term for the large main group in a road bicycle race, so what could be more perfect than that?

If you really want to take it old school, they could play their 1996 debut album ‘Domestiques’, which refers to the support team for the team leader in a road cycle race….those crazy kids and their cycle love!

If you’re looking for other great acts you could enquire about Mogwai or Franz Ferdinand or heck, why don’t we look to the untold hundreds (thousands?) of up and coming Glasgow bands who could really benefit from getting a leg-up?

When the big event comes around, there is every chance there will be some music event tied to the games and it will feature all the crap of the past few decades like Wet Wet Wet, Texas, Amy McDonald, Michelle McManus and whatever Tartan tat gets thrown at us and we’re told to like just because they hail from near us.

(Slight apologies to Texas, they’re good guys (and a girl) and they used to make some decent music but they lost their way by quite a bit.)

The thing is, that’s all well and good, if that is the music you are into, the Glasgow games will no doubt serve up something for you but there is a chance to do something brilliant that will really get folk talking and celebrate Glasgow’s musical success!

So, who’s with us…Kraftwerk, The Delgados and others for the East End Velodrome?