See some sets for free

How you all doing? If you had extra time-off at the start of this week, you may be dreading the thought of the upcoming week and the full-on nature of the 5 working days. This might lead you to thinking that a quiet Sunday is for the best but on the other hand, why give in to boredom? If you are looking to make the most of your Sunday but perhaps don’t want to spend too much money, there is a great solution at hand.

You may have heard about the upcoming Scottish Album of the Year Award and the award ceremony scheduled for the 19th of June. The winner of the award will be announced then but before then, some of the nominated acts and popular Scottish artists will be playing in Glasgow for free.

Whether you want a break from the football, an alternative to the football or you just like music and you couldn’t care less about the football, get around Glasgow on Saturday afternoon because there are a number of great shows to look out for.

Love Music on Dundas Street is the first place to be at 2pm as Conquering Animal Sound will be playing a short live set in the shop. It isn’t the biggest of stores but having seen a few in-stores there before, quite a good atmosphere can be generated.

Next up is the rather fantastic Remember Remember in the HMV at Buchanan Street. This set begins at 3pm and it will be a solo performance as opposed to a full band performance but it will still be well worth checking out.

Following straight on from the Remember Remember set will be Happy Particles, who will be playing a full band set, in HMV Buchanan Street at 3.30pm.

After this, the fun turns to the Apple store further down Buchanan Street where Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat will be playing from 4.30pm. The whiteness and sterile atmosphere of the Apple store may not be the place you instinctively link with Aidan Moffat but the man is a showman and can turn his hand to anything. Expect this set to be a little cracker….the song below is a little bit sweary though so (NSFW) warning…you may not get to hear this track in the store!

So there you go, four sets to break up the afternoon and all within easy walking distance of each other so if you are looking for a musical interlude on Sunday afternoon, you know where to go.