Ready to roll? Nae rolls mate!

Yassssssssss!!!! (with fist pumping motion)

That was the words and actions of Ian Connell that got the third night of the Burnistoun Series 3 screening underway and it captured a lot of the excitement in the room. Connell and Rab Florence were on hand to watch the reaction of punters to their hard-work and comedy efforts over the past few months, which must have been a bit uncomfortable for them!

The Odeon at Springfield Quay has seen some classic Glasgow comedy moments in its time like Ernest Saves Fair Friday, Holiday On The Corporation Buses, Some Like It Watt Brothers, The CaddyShack on Pitt Street, When Harry Met Pat Lally, Happy Gilmorehill, Calderpark Zoolander and the all too obvious There’s Something About Maryhill but the previews of the third series of the BBC smash comedy Burnistoun deserves to rank alongside the best laughs the cinema has provided.

It’s not as if we want to go into too many details here and spoil some of the gags for you but there is plenty to look forward to. Jolly Boy John was FOR REAL once again and it’ll be good to hear him on TV because the laughter in the room drowned out a lot of his lines. Listen out for his hard question!

Burnistoun Sketch featuring the Quality Polis

Burnistoun Sketch featuring the Quality Polis

The quality polis were top quality, bringing their skill and expertise to the new offensive behaviour at the fitba laws railroaded in by the government. There has been a lot of concern about how fairly and even-handed these new laws will be administered but if every copper is like Toshan and McGregor there will be nothing to worry about.

Old characters, plenty of new stuff, enough good swearing to raise big laughs but not too much that it becomes embarrassing, the guys and girls were all looking hot and there’ll be plenty of new catchphrases to annoy your pals, teachers, colleagues and parents with! Rab’s love of Prince and Kung-Fu shone through (not in the same scene), we were just surprised that some wrasslin’ clips never made it into the evening!

No Biscuity Boyle clips made into the Thursday night selection either so here’s one for you now:

If our input is of any use to the team – the blind date pizza stuff didn’t work for us…but when you think there were 90 minutes of clips and that was the only one that didn’t at least raise a titter, that is one hell of a hit ratio.

No official date has been set for the new series but with the chat on Twitter, it seems as though June may be along the right lines.


Okay, series 3 Burnistoun is on the air people! The first episode of the third series was shown on BBC2 on Monday the 13th of August at 10pm. It’s not a bad slot for a comedy show and hopefully the next few weeks will feature a lot more laughs from the show. There is a repeat of the show lined up for 23:40 on Saturday the 18th of August, on BBC One Scotland.

If you’re in the UK – or if you are outside but you get up to some internets shenanigans we really can’t be condoning – you can keep up with the show on BBC iPlayer.

With a bit of luck, the BBC may just keep the 3rd (and final) series of Burnistoun up over the course of the coming weeks, it does this at times with some of its comedy shows.

We’re going to post the links to the iPlayer site, so if you missed out or just want to see the shows again, please follow the links below:

Burnistoun Series 3
Episode 1: iPlayer – Burnistoun S3E1

Enjoy…and promise us, promise us you’ll never turn tae the drugs.