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There are plenty of great Glasgow bands to like and fall in love with and we hopefully all have one or two that stand out. For us at Get Around Glasgow, we really like The State Broadcasters and have been lucky enough to have seen them play many times over the past few years.

We could give you our thoughts on the band but we’d probably get a rollicking for using too many genre names or overlooking certain points, so we’ll shut up and let them do the talking.

You may like them, you may not, that’s the nature of music. However, we’re delighted to hear that the second album is very much on the way and will hopefully be with us shortly.

We’re also delighted to hear that the band are preparing for the treadmill of promotion because as much as we like them, we’re not snooty that we don’t want others to know about them, the more the merrier as far as we’re concerned. So, the fact that the band are looking to make a video for the song ‘Trespassers’ is great news…and it looks like an interesting project.

The State Broadcasters - © balehouse photography

The State Broadcasters - © balehouse photography

Now, the band could probably get their mates to film them walking down Sauchiehall Street or trying to break into the new East-End Velodrome but that has all been done before and is probably a bit dull these days. Therefore, the band, in conjunction with director Jessica Ashman, have more ambitious plans, which can be read in full here; Trespassers

The outline for the video is as follows:

Trespassers is the story of a lonely “moth” (otherwise known as Moth Man). Unable to get his fix of light from a dingy attic room, he ventures out into the big, bad city in search of illumination. The city doesn’t take too kindly to Moth Man’s flapping, so, afraid and alone, he takes refuge in a forest on the edge of town. Suddenly a glow appears deep in the forest…has Moth Man found his light?

If you like moths, you’ll love this video and if you aren’t too keen on months, you may be able to find a metaphor in the video which you can take for yourself. Aside from the fact that ‘Moths and Metaphors’ would make a great album title for a band, it sounds a really cool project but cool projects cost money and if you feel like helping out, even as little as $8 (which according to xe.com equates to just over a fiver) can give this project a helping hand. The donation element can also be found at:


If you enjoy the social networking malarkey, you can find the Facebook page for Trespassers by clicking here: Facebook Trespassers

Even if you can’t help out, hopefully you’ll have enjoyed the music.


State Broadcasters Info:
Website: Click Here
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