With the news that the BBC is going to drop Janice Forsyth from her Saturday morning slot on Radio Scotland to give more time to bawheids like Chick Young, Tam Cowan and Stuart Cosgrove there has been an outcry on Twitter not seen since last time something Twitter got het-up about something that the vast majority of the population don’t even know about, let alone care of. Famously the BBC had to back down on closing Radio 6 Music when millions of people who had barely listened to the station decided it was an affront to their Human Rights not to have the choice to listen to middle aged men play records that don’t sell in huge numbers. We jest slightly, more poking fun at these Twitter campaigns that start up in a second over a hat dropping but in this instance, the Twitterati may just have a point.

Janice has been on the tranny on Saturday mornings for almost 20 years now and has interviewed some of Scotland’s biggest celebrities along with a host of other internationally renowned stars who happen to be in town to hawk their latest movie, book or tour. It’s good promotion for the stars but this is the sort of thing that a lot of people want to hear…and Forsyth’s interviews are of a higher standard than the majority of “celebrity” interviews you come across.

Save Janice Forsyth Demonstration - Get Around Glasgow

Save Janice Forsyth Demonstration - Get Around Glasgow

While the regular people who listen to the show on a weekly basis are the ones whose opinion should be heard, it is inevitable that the “celebrity” names that rally around the show are the ones that will grab the attention. They may not be the biggest names but there does appear to be some passion involved…even if there is a slight benefit to them all of Janice staying on the air.

Eddie Reader – Once employed as Annie Lennox’s backstage mannequin before becoming one of the main attractions at the carnival.

what’s all this nonsense talk??? there is no way your show is leaving us.. where do we all sign to stop that happening?

The Vaselines – Indie bed wetters who struck gold when Courtney Love’s ex-husband covered their songs.

Dear BBC Scotland don’t axe Janice Forsyth’s Saturday show. She’s one of the few people who play our records on Scottish radio.

Jim Gellaty – Famously Scottish with a Mohican, Jim makes a living from going to festivals and scaring little kids.

Bad news for music radio in Scotland. The Janice Forsyth Show’s always been a big supporter of New Music

So….do you think Janice’s slot on the radio should be saved? Whether you are a fan of the show or you just don’t want more air-time given over to footballing buffoons, there is a need to voice your support.

The Janice Forsyth show is the perfect example of what the BBC should be providing, coverage for people with different interests and backgrounds while the commercial channels serve up the same old trip for mass market and advertising appeal.

The world doesn’t need Tam Cowan….but a lot of people are happy with Janice Forsyth.

Save Janny On The Tranny - © Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

Save Janny On The Tranny - © Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts