A jumped up PR piece seems to say so!

Lists used to be brilliant but nowadays, it seems as though they are nothing but puffed up PR pieces. When news of an interesting research or study breaks it can grab your interest but then you read through it and you are left rather deflated when you realise it is just some promotional article to convince you that Revels are better than Minstrels or something banal like that.

This is why the news that Glasgow has featured in more song titles than any other city is worth further examination. This list, compiled by PRS For Music, was released yesterday and is based on the songs that are in the PRS database. PRS For Music look after over 85,000 song-writers, publishers and composers so they’ve got all the song titles in a big database and provided this information by running a quick search…and they say that Excel is only for dull stuff.

Glasgow tops the list with 119 songs and is the only entrant on the list to smash through the 100 song mark. Here is just one of the songs that put Weegie on top!

Mogwai with the excellent ‘Glasgow Mega-Snake’ there showing the world how we roll but should these findings be taken that seriously?

Firstly, you’ll see that the list compilers decided to omit London from their findings.

Okay…so the list is really about the UK city that features in most song titles when you take out the obvious winner. Brilliant, and who says there is no glory in coming second!

There is no glory in coming second so we’ll follow the list compilers lead and stick with Glasgow being listed as no.1.

Another thing which kind of discredits the list is the fact that Edinburgh comes second (ha, see above paragraph about no glory in coming second)! The salt and saucers will always be left in our slip-stream, we know that and they certainly know that but what sort of songs proclaim a love of Edinburgh or have Edinburgh in its title? It’s not even a word that rhymes or scans in easily for a simple ditty so we’ll raise an eyebrow at the East-coasters placing. Given the sad news that Cabaret Voltaire is shutting down and will be replaced by a venue with a much looser emphasis on quality music, the capital of the country has taken a right kicking with respect to music in the past few days.

All Tomorrow's Particks -© Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

All Tomorrow's Particks -© Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

There are probably a couple of reasons why Glasgow has scored so highly:

We’re a fairly artistic city and music has always been something we excel at
The amount of Glasgow music hall shows where performers were keen to play to the home crowd
Any song written about Celtic or Rangers which also sticks Glasgow in the title will be counted.
Glasgow rhymes well with a lot of words, heck, even Abba shoe-horned it into of their songs.

Don’t let that fool you into having a fondness for Abba though kids, on the whole, they were mainly rubbish.

Strictly Barrowlands - © Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

Strictly Barrowlands - © Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

One thing to take into consideration is that this list only looks at the city names in the title; it doesn’t look at the lyrics of a song which may be firmly rooted in the city or even a song title which refers to a particular place in the city. Take it away the 1990s with ‘Pollokshields’:

So, with a little bit of gerrymandering, Glasgow is the champion of the world once again…but hey, we all know the influence that Glasgow has had on musicians, we didn’t need to have a PR piece to tell us!


Jackie McKeown of Glasgow's 1990's at the Connect Festival -  © Get Around Glasgow Photos

Jackie McKeown of Glasgow's 1990's at the Connect Festival - © Get Around Glasgow Photos