Channel 5 are not for real…FOR REAL!

If you are glued to twitter, you can’t have failed to notice the stooshie that has been brewing over the disappearance of a video clip from YouTube. So what, video clips disappear from YouTube all the time and if the copyright holder wants the clip removed, it is their right to ask for this. It may be annoying but hey, that’s life.

Burnistoun Sketch featuring the Quality Polis

Burnistoun Sketch featuring the Quality Polis

However, this latest problem is different for two reasons:

A) The company responsible for the removal of the clip are not the copyright holders
B) It involves Burnistoun

This is not quality polis McGregor and as you can imagine a lot of people have been outraged, literally spitting blood and molten lava from their twitter timelines at this outrage. Limmy seemed to find it all rather funny but such is the nature of being limited to 140 characters, it can be difficult to express your true emotions.

The video in question was the voice recognition clip with the blurb saying “This video contains content from Channel 5, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds” but by looking around on YouTube, you should hopefully still be able to find it:


This means that there is probably a little bit of hyperbole in the reaction and it has to be said that Rab Florence has been playing a blinder on twitter this week. His antics on Wednesday set the scene for the Celtic v Rangers game and having Burnistoun the talk of the twitter today is no bad thing for the comedians!

However, there is a more serious question about what right Channel 5 has to do this and why they aren’t using their powers for good in blocking tosh like Mrs Browns Boys rather than Burnistoun. Aye, we know there’s a big market for MBB and loads of folk like it and it is an easy target for snotty nosed critics but you know something, it’s just pish so wheesht if you were thinking about moaning about that comment.

Nae Rolls? -  © Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

Nae Rolls? - © Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

It is worrying if any content provider can block content for whatever reason they fancy and it will be interesting to see what develops with this story.

There may be a need to get some fast-food shop running gangsters on the case…