Plan your budget accordingly

Hearing news about things being frozen in December is never usually good news but for Glasgow residents, this latest freeze may be a bit of good news. Well, we think the fact that the freezing of council tax is worth raising a glass to.

Then again, are we really getting value for money for our council tax? If you don’t know what your council tax goes towards, here are just some of the things your money goes towards:

Rubbish collection and disposal (the use of the word “rubbish” is not mean to be a description of the actual service provided)
Trading Standards
Environmental Health issues
Planning and
Leisure and Recreation

When you create a list like that, it may be harder to argue that you are getting proper value for money from your council tax…so maybe if the council were to chip in some of these services, life would be much better:

Irn Bru on tap when hung-over (could be combined with the water rates)
The silencing of dogs that bark before 9am
A big banner hanging from City Chambers saying we beat the bawbag
A rickshaw service to ferry people between city centre pubs
Free sports training in chap door runaway and kerbie
Sentry checks on the M8 to remove the chips from the shoulder of anyone coming in from Edinburgh

None of these new provisions may be forthcoming in the New Year but the fact that council tax is staying as it is for another financial year is a little bit of good news for everyone.