And a mischievous New Year

We’re sure the boys and girl from The Dirty Cuts are all looking forward to some wholesome Christmas fun and for most people, that means spending time with the family. The only thing with The Dirty Cuts is….they are looking to spend time with mothers…it just may not be their own mother’s that they are looking to spend time with!

This can be perfectly summed up in the band’s track ‘Yummy Mummy’, which has finally had a video created for it, which you can see below. Like a good number of songs on their debut album ‘Cut Struck’, this track is an electro-pop number with a nice touch of sleaze about it. Most of the best electro tracks manage to capture a touch of darkness about them and you can easily add this song to the list.

For a band who proclaims themselves to be catchier than the clap, we’re not overstepping the mark to say they like getting down to business and 2012 looks set to be another busy year for the band.

So remember kids, if your mum is heading out on the town over the festive period, tell her to keep an eye out for this Glasgow 4 piece. That information may be a warning or it may be a heads-up but either way, keep her informed. As they say, the album is available in all good record shops and no doubt a few rubbish ones as well.

The band’s website: The Dirty Cuts
Twitter: The Dirty Cuts Twitter

The Dirty Cuts at the 13th Note - © Get Around Glasgow Photography

The Dirty Cuts at the 13th Note - © Get Around Glasgow Photography