Get in the swing of things

Of all the celebrity sex and swinger stories you could ever hear about it, I bet you wish you hadn’t heard the one about The Krankies. There was always a strange element to their relationship with the wife dressing up as a schoolboy but it just goes to show that sometimes you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors!

Yes, the husband and wife “comedy” duo were involved in the swingers game back in the 70s & 80s …perhaps giving a new meaning to current pantomime audiences when they hear a cry of “he’s behind you”. Ach well, they were consenting adults and they seemed to have got out of the game before anybody got hurt so fair play to them but again…eeewwwwwwwww!

I Swung With The Krankies - © Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

I Swung With The Krankies - © Get Around Glasgow T-Shirts

The couple decided that this wasn’t enough of a bombshell for one interview so Ian Tough decided to share the fact that he knocked Paul Daniels off a barstool when both of them were famous and not old has beens. This led to the highlight of the interview…well, we liked it…but not a lot.

“I was a bit punchy in my thirties” – that’s a cracking line isn’t it? Okay, the recipient was Paul Daniels so most people wouldn’t have had an issue with this bit of violence but it does beg the question who else did Ian sort out back in the day?

In the light of the new stories, finding a YouTube video entitled ‘The Krankies Meet Big Willie’ is rather worrying:

Thankfully it seems to focus on their stage activities as opposed to their extra-curricular activities.

When we looked at ACDC we couldn’t help but focus on their seminal Apollo 78 show which took place as the nation was experiencing World Cup fever. There is no real way that ACDC should be associated with The Krankies (aye alright, ignore the school uniform aspect) but perhaps showing Scottish support before a World Cup final is a common link:

For younger readers, Scotland used to qualify for tournaments like the World Cup and the European Championships and a number of songs were written to celebrate this fact. Some were brilliant like Rod Stewart’s Ole Ola, some had comical novelty like We’re On The March With Ally’s Army, some were a bit turgid like We Had A Dream and then there was this Krankies track. The only thing to say about it is the fact that it was miles better than the garbage that Del Amitri served up. Way to go in inspiring the boys that time…..

In all honesty, this was a nothing story but there was obviously a shocking element that caught people unaware…and hey, celebrity tittle-tattle (not a euphemism) always captures the imagination. It should certainly lead to resurgence in fancy dress outfits based on The Krankies, it could be the start of a fandabidozee evening……